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  1. madHatter

    Name a shop that is closed in Teesside that you love to bring back.

    Dorrell‘s in North Ormesby.
  2. madHatter

    Name a shop that is closed in Teesside that you love to bring back.

    Early 70's - Jon's City & Western in the Boro.
  3. madHatter

    Anyone managed to find a link?!

    Yeah, but turned it off after that 1st half show.
  4. madHatter


    Definitely 3 Priority points for this game.
  5. madHatter

    Help for name of old shop

    Legs and Co.
  6. madHatter

    Exchange Square

    Spensleys - Planned 6 figure refurb, according the the Gazette, some days ago.
  7. madHatter

    Exchange Square

    Yeah. Makes sense to demolish Slam. Just need to something with the old Bar Fresco now, it’s an eyesore. Only party goers in there now are pigeons and rats.
  8. madHatter

    Exchange Square

    Which nightclub is being demolished.
  9. madHatter

    Your promotion predictions for EFL this season?

    My Patent bet is:- Boro, Sheffield Wed, Bradford
  10. madHatter


    Ben Brereton Diaz..
  11. madHatter

    Middlesbrough Centre Square May Have to Change Its Name

    Why not rename as “ The Old Man’s Park” which it was commonly called in the 60’s, when I was a boy. It was where the old men sat on the park benches waiting for the pubs to open.
  12. madHatter

    New kit

    June 1st, by The Killers?
  13. madHatter

    55 years ago Boro 4 Oxford 1

    I was at that match. Great memories.
  14. madHatter

    Bournemouth Tickets - On Sale 4pm to 190+ Points

    No platinum card exists as far as I know. I have had season ticket since AP, and I am still gold status.
  15. madHatter

    If Warnock chooses not to stay

    I would try and get the Wigan manager in. He is doing a great job at Wigan with limited resources.
  16. madHatter

    Anyone selling a 2015 playoff season shirt

    Current shirts are on sale at reduced price in the club shop.
  17. madHatter

    THE picture that epitomises what it means to be a Boro fan

    I have the same as original op, as well as 4 more.
  18. madHatter

    You get to change two things about football

    Bring in the “sin bin” system. It works well in rugby union and league.
  19. madHatter

    On the news this evening regarding the Championship going ahead

    Just been announced. EFL 2 season to be cancelled, with top 3 teams to be promoted.
  20. madHatter

    Just been invited to a street party

    similar thing happening up Cricket Lane area. Flyer through door inviting everyone to celebrate VE Day.