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    Hope these two threads aren’t related

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    Swearing at the telly

    Thanks for the responses to my thread on aggression. I’ve developed a habit of swearing at the television, it’s no joke. I find myself shouting “**** off”, Christ on a bike, or… my stock “**** me ragged” I want to know how to stop, I’m 46 and usually reasonably mature. It’s upsetting my...
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    I’ve noticed a fair amount of aggression on the board lately. I wonder whether this place reflects society? Are we as a people becoming more aggressive? I spend a lot of time in situations that could give me a jaundiced view of the world so I am genuinely interested in the thoughts of others...
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    Cartoons, programmes from your yoof you hated.

    For me: Superted, really disliked it. However, I despised the Moomins
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    Credit where it’s due- Saville.

    Been less than convinced with him on the whole. However, with his recent two goals and that ball yesterday I think the lad deserves some credit. Well done George.
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    Swear filter

    Not opened many posts on here. I think I lack imagination. I also wish I could say something more profound, topical or thought provoking. Was wondering though, why the swear filter on this board? I would guess it’s frequented mainly by adults. I quite like swearing, it’s quite expressive it’s...
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    Please recommend a good series?

    Please recommend a good series to watch on Netflix or Prime?