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  1. Linny

    Our Club is toxic

    Never has “member” under a username been so accurate.
  2. Linny


    I wouldn’t like to see it because the fans will turn when things go wrong, and they will. I would hate to see that. Mogga and Southgate got dogs abuse and sadly it would be no different for Leo. Hope he retains some role at the club though.
  3. Linny

    Lee Tomlin retires

    I thought he was getting his game for Donny alongside Clayton this season. Didn’t he get a silly red. Quality player but fitness and consistently stopped him playing at highest level.
  4. Linny

    FA Cup Final to be moved to Sunday

    Don’t worry Chicken. It’s not what you think.
  5. Linny

    Boro manager sacked on Tyne tees news

    Who cares? Didn’t you already know about it? It’s been widely reported.
  6. Linny

    We writing off this season then? If so…

    Exactly! Jeez! There’s every chance we can stay up!
  7. Linny

    Hoofing old threads from last season to discredit people

    Weren’t you hoofing threads recently where you felt you had been proved right and wanted to highlight it to us all?
  8. Linny

    Who would you replace Wilder with?

    Ok then, Pep.
  9. Linny

    Boro forcast

    Loads of XGs, zero Gs.
  10. Linny

    Who would you replace Wilder with?

    I’d take Dyche like a shot but unfortunately I think he wouldn’t be accepted by a lot of Boro fans who seem to dislike him for some reason.
  11. Linny

    'Officially Middlesbrough's worst start outside of the top flight'

    Agree. There’s still a chance we can stay up. Long way to go.
  12. Linny

    Once the fan base turn

    I thought Wilder was the right replacement for Warnock. Starting to think we are unmanageable. Our managers don’t seem to be able to align with the club management. There seems to have been conflict from Karanka onwards
  13. Linny

    Wilder Best manager in the championship

    Absolutely right. Looked a great appointment and there was optimism around the place. Even I felt positive and I’m a proper negative sod. That’s what’s making this season so hard to swallow. I was expecting better for once. I’m going back to being my old pessimist self. Never disappointed...
  14. Linny

    Fires Burning Brightly in Chris Wilder

    And he’s poor.
  15. Linny


    We are good at buying “unlucky” strikers.
  16. Linny

    Ris, Larsen, Gayle, Gyokeres

    Yeah but they’d have scored more for us with our creative midfield.
  17. Linny

    Energy Bills from January

    I’ve often wondered how accurate these can be as the valve is on the side of the radiators. So it will be much warmer where the valve is an opposed to the middle or other end of the room. So if you set it to 3, once it hits 20 degrees it will turn off but the middle of the room will be...
  18. Linny

    Things you were taught at school that are now wrong

    That your school days are the best days of your life. Although that wasn’t really school that said that, just a general comment from adults. Certainly not true for me.
  19. Linny

    Greggs clothing by Primani

    An aerial view of the Four Sacred Bakes. Steak, Chicken, Corned Beef and Sausage & Bean.
  20. Linny

    Energy Bills from January

    Whenever I’ve read anything about it the article had made clear it’s a cap per unit and not a monetary value cap. You can’t make people read beyond the headline but the information is out there.