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  1. Hap

    Your next choice of gaffer.

    Mogga. Has to be.
  2. Hap


    I don't think it would have made a huge difference. Something is wrong. The squad is good enough.
  3. Hap

    Has wilder said why he dropped Giles and Jones?

    I just cannot understand why we are where we are. First half was awful yesterday. Then (once again) we dominated but didn't score... Baffling...
  4. Hap

    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

  5. Hap

    Bob's in hospital - not very well at the moment - im sure we wish him well & a speedy recovery

    yeah Robert. My brother babysat for him apparently and always calls him Robert. I don't remember him at all, but we lived in Newham Ave at the time. Just feels like one of us - because he is 😊
  6. Hap

    Bob's in hospital - not very well at the moment - im sure we wish him well & a speedy recovery

    when I was miserably isolated with Covid I watched these every night as the last thing before sleeping, so I went to sleep smiling. Just the funniest thing on TV for ages. TV Gold.
  7. Hap

    Bob's in hospital - not very well at the moment - im sure we wish him well & a speedy recovery

    Get well Bob. Shifty shotty stick in the artee again soon mate.
  8. Hap

    Anyone ever been published?

    I wasn't paying much attention when asked, so nope 🙈🙈😂😂
  9. Hap

    Anyone ever been published?

    One of my instrumental recordings is on a computer game somewhere. I should ask what game it is - I never have; it was not my best work imho 😂
  10. Hap

    Anyone ever been published?

    Yeah, twice but very small time. Once in a Sci-Fi magazine (in Canada) a short story, and a bit about my grandad made it on to the Western Front Association website. a photo I took ended up in Bella too - without my permission, mention, or any money 😂 very small time really, but writing was my...
  11. Hap

    Your Iconic Footballer as a lad?....

    I did see Best play once, but towards the end of his career. My era was Maradona and Cruyf really. Trevor Fancis, and Glen Hoddle in the English league.
  12. Hap

    Ads - Cartoon Porn

    Well there's a thing. I just got exactly the ad that was being discussed by posting on this thread. Japanese cartoon porn. CHobby? There is something in the images on this thread.
  13. Hap

    Ads - Cartoon Porn

    Mine all seem to be associated with my browsing. Nothing particularly unpleasant other than ads recommending some odd shooting range in Poland - but I've been browsing an exforces (I'm not BTW) forum for info on Ukraine and I imagine it's decided I should be more directly involved - I beg to...
  14. Hap

    Favourite Public Info Poster/ Ad

    And this too.
  15. Hap

    Favourite Public Info Poster/ Ad

    I remember this well. I wish I'd brought me brolly...
  16. Hap

    The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Rotherham Match-Day Thread

    That's better. Thanks 👍😊
  17. Hap


    Hope he's okay. I miss his brilliant pre match posts.
  18. Hap

    Anybody still think that we will turn this around?

    I think we're miles off, but I can't see why we're worse now than we were last season. I don't think we have that much less quality now, compared to then. Tav is a miss, but he never looked like being the heartbeat of the team and numerous posters felt he didn't offer enough at the time...
  19. Hap

    Looking for a second hand electric guitar and amp....

    Sounds just like mine. An electrified plank, with strings and a paint job. Hearing the sound again definitely would have brought tears to my eyes - and blood to my ears. No nostalgia would be required for that! 🤣