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    Truss is Tanking

    I can't imagine any Tory member will be looking forward to or have any enthusiasm to go to the Conference, if anything the only reason to go would be to test the waters and work out the best way to plot her downfall. Her main speech will be a car crash and I wouldn't be surprised if the...
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    Airplane! (1980)

    A film we've all seen and loved which parodies the various Airport disaster movies of the time... well kind of. Turns out it's maybe 1% parody of the Airport movies and 99% parody of the 1957 film 'Zero Hour!' See for yourself
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    Where is Liz Truss?

    Apparently it's eight different local radio stations with a five minute Q & A on each
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    Mick Jones

    In the same way that The Clash wrote a wonderful 'pop' song in Hitsville UK, a wonderful 'pop' song by BAD is Just Play Music I was lucky enough to see BAD a few times in the 80's, Brixton Academy, The Astoria a couple of times and most notably at Milton Keynes Bowl (Supporting Simple Minds)...
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    Ben Houchen you utter shill

    I had a scan of the back pages of the latest Private Eye as Fat Ben quite often gets a mention there although I couldn't see anything. Turns out he shows up towards the front on Page 9. Interesting though at the bottom of he article there was a P.S. which said look out for the next issue (due...
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    Brentford v Man U

    Change of kit at half time ... they are mistaking the stewards sat around the perimeter as team mates.. alternatively ask some of the stewards to come on, can't do any worse
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    Trump Gets The Hump As FBI Enter Mar-a-Lago

    A lot / most of these documents were classified ... a lot of documents are so may be no big deal. However I believe some of these documents were weapons grade classified as in 'for the presidents eyes only' the kind of documents that hold national security secrets including info on who and...
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    Trump Gets The Hump As FBI Enter Mar-a-Lago

    Must have been some juicy incriminating info (hopefully for a number of people) in the texts/emails Alex Jones (infowars) lawyers accidentally sent to the prosecuting lawyers in his recent court case
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    This day 2000 - Robbie Mustoe

    Doing alright for himself these days as he is one of the most high profile and respected pundits of Premier League TV coverage in the US
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    Will Boris be back? ....

    That's what they would like to do but they find it difficult to make it stick as I believe that the majority of the committee are Conservative
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    Favourite book

    Max Hastings didn't do any of the writing in this book although he did provide a lot of the material for it in as much as he acted like a complete **** in the company of the two other journalists Jeremy Hands and Robert McGowan from the day they sailed to the Falklands to the day they got back...
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    Kelham O'Hanlon

    Fave Kelham moment was when he returned to Ayresome for the first time playing for Rotherham. At the start of the half where he was defending at the Holgate end he applauded the fans and someone threw half a brick at him (more jokingly than intending to hit him). Kelham just smiled picked the...
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    RIP David Shearer

    I always liked him. He used to miss a lot of chances but more than made up for it by creating far more than other players would.
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    The best player you have ever seen live

    Glenn Hoddle
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    I can't be bothered to dig out the exact wording of these items but anyway. ** People are getting hung up on the question 'how do you define a party? when trying to defend Johnson In this case it's not relevant ... I don't think the law mentions 'parties' it just mentions 'gatherings' and from...
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    Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

    Which season... this one or last one?
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    Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

    If anyone wants to know anything about the appearance of the rear of Pierre Gasly's car I'm your man. I think I've spent the best part of two hours staring at the back of it... top tv all round
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    Fixed notice penalties off the Met police - party gate - for PM & Chancellor

    So he's made another humble apology... well I'll tell you what mate, APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED. And the reason why, I don't believe you mean it. On what evidence can I go on that I believe you are being honest and telling the truth ? You've lied all your life and I believe you are lying now. The...