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    Booing at HT

    I was about to walk out until I realized I lived there.
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    Paddy McNair

    Not sure. You still need to concentrate all the time when playing in midfield and his lack of discipline has cost us before even when he's playing there.
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    Sack Wilder?

    Think that's why he's so keen on Lenihan. The goals were bad enough to concede but it was the (lack of a) reaction to them that I found unacceptable. Does it really require the manager to give them a bollocking at half time to get some sort of reaction? Where were our senior players on the...
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    Thoughts on Wilder's post match interview

    Like every manager then.
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    Dale Stephen’s training with us

    Always looked decent whenever I've seen him but the Burnley fans aren't very complimentary about him in the replies.
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    Midweek Fixtures

    Yes. It just takes one person to turn up dressed as Oliver Cromwell and it could kick off.
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    Midweek Fixtures

    It's what she would have wanted. Think SA didn't want to extend as they're flying to India next week.
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    Midweek Fixtures

    Interestingly, tomorrow is still going to be Day 3 so they are going to have to go some to get a result. No fancy dress which is a shame but probably the right decision in the circumstances. Hope you have a cracking day Cuthbert.
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    Graham Potter Appointed Chelsea Manager on 5 Year Contract

    Really interesting appointment. Nice to see a British manager working their way up get a job at a Champions League team (I don't include Lampard who only got the job due to his Chelsea connections). As much as I want Chelsea to fail if Potter is a 'success' (whatever that is there) then it...
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    Thomas Tuchel sacked by Chelsea.

    Maybe that's why he's been selling all Brighton's best players to Chelsea?
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    Thomas Tuchel sacked by Chelsea.

    Has been like this a few times when they've had a poor result. Similar to Bournmouth and Parker, the owners probably feel that the manager should be being positive and lifting his players up (publicly at least).
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    Away shirt delivery

    Hopefully soon. Noticeable how few there were in the crowd on Monday. Only saw a few kids with them on.
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    Perfect storm coming for Boro….

    "Rob I’m an eternal optimist always have been" I think he needs to reassess his definition of an optimist.
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    Wilders mackem presser ...

    Not brilliant but still stronger than last year (Tav loss apart) so with a whole season ahead of us we should be strong enough to challenge all the parachute payment clubs for the play-offs at least. Let's see if our self-styled uber manager and his coaching staff can actually arrange us into a...
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    Alberth Elis

    Good point. Can't believe we didn't just whack another million or two on our offer for all the other players we've lost out on price to guarantee promotion. Dead easy with someone else's money isn't it?
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    Josh Onomah

    Wonder if we've had to change direction due to the injury at Brentford.
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    Lukoil confirmed that he "passed away following a severe illness". Presumably this 'severe illness' came on very suddenly about the same time as he hit the pavement.
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    Definitely seems to be a design flaw with those Russian windows. People are forever falling out of them completely by accident.
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    Alberth Elis

    I think that's called negotiating. You'd just pay whatever the selling club wants would you?
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    Manchester City Fans

    When I lived in Scotland it always amazed me how much the Celtic (and previously Rangers) fans celebrated goals against all the nonentities in the league given that there were games they were 99% certain to win. The high we get from celebrating Boro goals is routed in a deep feeling that we...