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    Pubs destroyed by Tories

    The billingham arms was a schit hole for its final few years full of hardcore undesirables and plonkys all day every day.
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    Have you ever cheated at anything?

    Monopoly, I always make sure I'm the banker so I can sub myself a couple of extra 100's when needed. Have to show the wife and kids who's boss don't I?
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    England Germany tonight

    As for picking form players what about Chris Smalling at Roma?
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    Any hidden gems to watch on Sky?

    Brassic is a bit of a gem, found it to be quite funny
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    Where is your favourite place in Middlesbrough?

    For me its places i played football as a kid (if we cant use boro grounds) such as hall drive & sandy flatts. other side of the river it has to be the blue lagoon at seaton
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    Coventry Tkts

    There are still shed loads left (and 2 blocks yet to go on sale), maybe Tuesdays result has quelled the rush?
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    Booing at HT

    No booing from me last night, i showed my displeasure by walking out at ht. Pathetic first half display swayed me to drive back to the office to finish some tender docs rather than stay.
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    How warm tonight !!!

    My decision to go in shorts and t-shirt compared with the wife in jeans and jumper was a good one :cool:
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    Not reading out the opposition line up

    Same here regarding Stewart, thought Roberts was him until one of the better sighted people with me realised.
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    Matt Clarke

    Im sure Ugo had a baldy at some point in his first couple of seasons!
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    Hoppe announced today.

    As long as its not the USA USA chants from saturday :sick:
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    Who will be our desperation signing at the end of the window?

    It's got to be Jizz 'the finisher' Hornkamp surely?
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    Hamza Choudhury

    Seen a couple of people on social media this morning who claim to be ITK say he's expected to be announced this morning. I have no idea how true it is so will believe it when I see it announced.
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    I'm another of the legendary Dr Contractor's patients :ROFLMAO: as are several of my friends and family members!
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    2,612 sold for QPR

    This tallies with what is quoted as the number the stand holds on the away fans guide.... Away fans are situated in the upper tier of the School End, where around 1,800 fans can be accommodated. If demand requires it then the lower tier can also be allocated, increasing the number of places...
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    Questions to ask Chris Wilder

    Reverse or regualr cowgirl?
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    England v South Africa at Durham

    TBH the game was won at the toss, whoever was going to be fielding for the first 50 overs under that sun were always going to be up against it. I was in the crowd and really struggled with the heat (i took regular breaks to find shade, had on appropriate clothing etc and have previously never...
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    Ben Stokes

    Mini bus of us going, looks like its going to be a factor 50 and panama hat kind of day :cool: