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  1. J

    "A year ago today...

    ...Chris Houghton was sacked, with Forest bottom of the Championship." Interesting line on MofD. You watching, Steve?
  2. J

    Stonemasons at the Riverside

    Anyone know what they're doing? I thought cleaning up statue plinths but seems to have heavier equipment out.
  3. J

    Lee Tomlin sent off

    Second yella.
  4. J

    QPR sold out already?

    Looks that way. Gutted.
  5. J


    Is it any good? I usually think it isn't but just occasionally here something where I almost get it.
  6. J

    Report that Wilder's told BBC Tees he's staying

    I know it's Football League World but still...
  7. J

    Name a player you wouldn't swap Isaiah Jones for

    I'll start - Jason Sancho (£73m)
  8. J

    Shearer on Juninho

    "Went to Middlesbrough three times - don't see the attraction myself..." But ranked him 7h in top South Americans to have played in the Prem.
  9. J

    Rank these players in order of ability or potential

    Bellingham Foden Grealish Mount Saka Sancho Add in any I've missed
  10. J

    Mam or Mum?

    Was always Mam in our house when I was growing up bit kids are veering towards Mum, even though I won't use it - "Ask your Mam."
  11. J

    Josh Maja

    Scored two for Fulham tonight. I always used to wish we'd gone in for him whenever I watched him on Sunderland Till I Die. Probably could have got him cheap and he looked a good player.
  12. J

    Tees Valley stays in Tier 3

    Probably the right decision.