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    House Selling - Advice Please

    The deal must be considered high risk for that to be the best rate a broker can find. Money Saving Expert have a 5 year fix at 4.2% with Barclays with a 5% deposit.
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    Daniel Hannan on why markets are collapsing - fear of Starmer!!

    They have gone so far to the right that some are claiming Piers Morgan is too ‘woke’ and Marxist.
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    Daniel Hannan on why markets are collapsing - fear of Starmer!!

    They were calling Starmer unelectable fairly recently. They will be trotting out the antisemitism, communist and friend of terrorists claims that worked against Corbyn if there’s any opportunity to do so.
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    House Selling - Advice Please

    Certainly it will in the higher and middling value properties. Anything on Teesside under £200k with a realistic valuation should get plenty of interest still either from downsizers or first time buyers. They’re within reach of the kind of mortgage most couples could get and would still be...
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    The Budget

    I’m generally a very positive person but I’ve lost all faith in any government to help the working classes. I’ll vote Labour in the next election, but even with the best intentions, they will never be able to undo the damage that’s been done since these Cons took over. They will have to smash...
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    Nathan Wood

    I thought he was quite quick once he’s up to speed but doesn’t accelerate well and hasn’t got the mental skills or the experience to make up for it yet. He just needs to grow into his body a bit more and learn to read the play better but I still see potential in him. We obviously know what he...
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    Tammy Abraham setting a new trend

    Tomori speaks excellent Italian as far as I can tell. Especially when you consider he’s only been there a year and a half.
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    Another below average Jones performance.

    He does get a lot of players booked. If only he didn’t go down far to easily sometimes. I think he would win more free kicks in dangerous areas if he wasn’t so eager to collapse under the slightest bit of contact
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    Another below average Jones performance.

    I think despite the raw numbers, there are still big improvements to be made in terms of how we get both Jones and Giles into the areas where they can really hurt teams. Jones is quick and has skills but doesn’t have the best delivery. He always aims to drill the ball low and hard into the near...
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    Universal Basic Income

    The idea is that a single person in their own property needs more support than each individual in a couple or family sharing one. It’s very poorly executed but there is some logic to it. It’s obvious that the whole system needs to be overhauled. Something like UBI does away with all the...
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    Post your little known musical factoids

    Rod Temperton is a really interesting character. He’s well worth researching on YouTube. There are a couple of short documentary type videos about him. He wrote the Vincent Price speech for Thriller in the taxi on the way to the studio. He also wrote or co wrote a lot of other huge hits, despite...
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    He looks a bit clumsy to me and his passing can be terrible sometimes but he gets himself in good positions and really works hard for the team. He should be aiming for double figures again and if he can cut the silly yellow cards out, he may well get to 15.
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    For me, an excellent debut from Clarke

    He was excellent today and looked very comfortable with both feet, which is another positive. I’m excited to see what he’s capable of when fully fit and integrated into our way of playing.
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    Post your little known musical factoids

    One fact that really surprised me is that comedian Morgana Robinson is the half sister of Brody Dalle from the Distillers. She only found out when her dad rang her out of the blue and said her sister was a rock star and was on the cover of a magazine.
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    Universal Basic Income

    Is now the time for a serious debate about Universal Basic Income at least on a per household basis to cover things like energy costs? I don’t see another way out of the current situation personally.
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    Wilder squad is starting to really take shape.

    It’s undoubtedly a long term plan with ambitions to compete this season. We have a pretty young squad with a few experienced heads, topped up with loans. Exactly how it should be for a team with our budget.
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    Oh well I hope it works out for you. The monitoring thing seems like standard anti piracy terms to me but you can never be too careful. As you said though, a decent VPN will sort that out. I’m not sure what else they expect people to be doing with a 500Mb connection. Even a genuine 4K stream...
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    Has anyone on here signed up with CityFibre on their new cable to the door broadband service? I’ve received an email saying it’s now available where I live (TS3), which finally gives me an alternative to Virgin’s rip off prices. Coincidentally, Virgin are now offering a discount with a new...
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    Not a happy Nou Camper: Martin Braithwaite :-D

    I read earlier that the club are trying to use allegations of improper conduct by their own board and possibly agents to get out of the contract. It’s mental how low they’re willing to stoop to get the big name players registered.
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    The real reason for Brexit?... Charter Cities??

    So the argument for Brexit as a way to gain sovereignty was actually a move to eventually do away with it altogether along with workers rights and socialised services? Surely someone would have warned people against this kind of thing before the vote.