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    Labour WILL renationalise railways!

    Trains are local transport. It should be noted that companies like the First group control trains and buses in Cities like Bristol = Monopolies where they fleece customers and make lavish profits from working people.
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    Italy on eve of electing first fascist govt since WW2

    I dont know, and know little about Italian politics, so I ask is the party Fascist now?
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    Italy on eve of electing first fascist govt since WW2

    Why would they be Fascists?
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    This time wasting is killing the sport

    Theres no bottoming out of balling rolling time. What we see is the game evolving. Improvements like the goal kick are cancelled out by using multiple subs in the last five minutes to manage time. And on this cycle goes in what is a dynamic game. The game in England does not see games seeing...
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    This time wasting is killing the sport

    There have been varying studies on ball rolling time - Time the ball is in play. They centre on the EPL and ball rolling time is a generally aroud sixty minutes minutes. or fifty fiive minutes depending on how its recorded. A point is the collective time is static. Times will vary from team to...
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    Who would win in a fight?

    Archie Stephens.
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    Kids football cancelled

    Because as a Manager and club offficial I receive the notifications from our club and league. The Queens death is not normal. The response from society reflects this. I am a officiial for 22 male junior teams, 8 female junior teams, and three disability teams and read e mails to the contrary...
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    Kids football cancelled

    Clubs, Leagues, offiicials etc also wanted to show their respect by postponing a game. Parents of my boys in my junior team didnt want the game to be played, they didn't expect the game to be played tomorrow, the boys understood why the game is off. As you point out, this was no ordinary event...
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    Kids football cancelled

    My son is 15 and did not expect to play, the league called off all games anyway and I would not have got a full team out as parents were withdrawing their sons etc prior to the league making the correct announcement.
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    Would you have VAR in the championship

    So you had nothing top back up an assertion. The frequent alteration of the laws of goal kicks is to speed the game up. The frequent alteration of the laws of offside is to create more attacking play.
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    Would you have VAR in the championship

    How do you measure that?
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    Its entertainment. Controversy will always be a part of the game and and keeps these ‘expert’ pundits in a job. Theres good money in criticising refs. Failure can redirected at refs and VAR. Responsibilty reframed as the refs, well their all inadequate, the worste ever, don't know what they...
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    Putting things in cider.

    In Bristol there is VC. Vimto and cider. It tastes very pleasant, the strength is masked, but the ciders 7% and three pints in your face is heating up and your glowing!!
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    Edinburgh Fringe and Jerry Sadowitz

    It was worse than that. The Pleasance Theatre Trust statment stated “opinions such as those displayed on stage by Sadowitz are not acceptable”. Jokes are not opinions. Its an act you dumb ****..
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    Boxing controversy

    In ameteur boxing its an automatic standing eight count. The ref also can use a standing eight count if a boxer doesnt go down and the ref thinks its appropriate after a punch.
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    I thought the Tories couldn't shock me anymore- I was wrong

    It is simply not a normal case. The individual couldn't be supported due to his complex needs, and his behaviours that will challenge the majority of services. The Council Wigan could not find specialised care in the community. Hardly surprising when the individual required needed chemical and...
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    Tory new plan for regional pay deals

    Pay boards are an interesting idea. Preston Council pays for services where the council improves the service charges to pay employees on low wages more. Care workers pay is abysmal, its should be addressed in areas where the cost of living is higher. Labour there should have a a position that...
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    Band names

    Lycra clad terrorists
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    A Woman playing in a mens team....

    Yes. From about 14 females cant play in male football.
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    Starmer reneges on nationalisation plans

    You have just made a why utilities should be under state control point. The things that are truly important should not be left to markets to control. There is no Stammer on this.