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    I'm a bloody jinx!

    Sorry everyone. I was at the match yesterday. First one since Birmingham in October. That day was bloody awful and this one was only slightly better. Before that I'd seen a couple of defeats and a 0-0 draw. I don't think I've seen a goal live since I gave up my season ticket and moved to Spain -...
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    Copa del Rey Spain

    I don´t know if its made the sports news at all in the UK but there is a great story in this seasons Copa del Rey. I live in Jaén in Adalucia and 15kms away is a small town called Mancha Real (population 11,000). Atletico Mancha Real has been doing well in the league and got promoted last year...
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    Visit to UK (and Boro)

    On Saturday I'm finally coming back to the UK for the first time before the pandemic. I've got my vaccination certificate and proof of a day 2 test. I can't help still feeling a bit nervous about it. I'm still half expecting something to go wrong. I'm also a bit nervous about simply being there...
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    Spanishman: Real Jaén contra El Ejido

    What do you think about this???
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    Boro Best & Worst - Idea stolen from Gazette Live

    While you´ve been supporting Boro who/what are the Best and Worst? Mine:- Best Boro Player Ever: Juninho Worst Boro Player Ever: Mido/Ricketts/Branco - I´m sure there are actually worse but the wages these guys got.... Best Opposition Player: Can´t disagree with Philip Tallentire - Thierry Henry...