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    Price of football podcast

    Article on the Gazette site on the Price of Football podcast discussing Steve Gibson. I can't believe this (below) is a serious question asked by a Boro fan. "Increasing division"? If anyone thinks Steve Gibson benefits financially overall from owning a business that loses tens of millions of...
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    Boro's accounts imminent

    Batten down the the hatches next week.
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    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......

    Too early to tell for Saturday you say? 3-month lay off incoming! Actually I think he might have gone a bit early this season. It's usually January-March. Dani Dani Ayala
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    Nearly there

    After the excitement of Wilder's announcement, this international break seems to have lasted forever. Fair play to the Gazette writers for spreading the content of his first interview so thinly over the last 2 weeks by regurgitating his quotes over and over but good to actually get some new...
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    Pubs for West Brom?

    Can anyone recommend any away fan friendly pubs around The Hawthorns for Saturday? Ideally showing the Manchester derby beforehand?
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    Red button on Wednesday?

    Are we on it or is it not happening this season?
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    My Friends and Family/1 ticket per person

    How long have there been a 1 ticket per person rule? I've bought 3 tickets before with no problems pre-Covid but I want to buy Coventry tickets but the people who they are for aren't listed so it assigns them all to me and then stops me checking out? How do you add people to 'My Friends and...
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    Streaming the match on Saturday

    Are the FA (or BBC) streaming our game on Saturday? Do you need to register and do you have to pay for it?