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    Wilder reiterates commitment to Boro

    Is anyone at a wedding with Mogga? a bah mitzvah with Steve Agnew? or a christening with Lennie Lawrence this weekend so we can actually get the REAL story??? Not this fabricated nonsense direct from Wilder from a clearly biased journo!
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    Start a rumour.

    if he is as good as Orri Freyr Oskarssonn on champ man 03-04 it will be the best £5 mil weve ever spent!
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    In fairness he didn't think he would live to see 24. R.I.P
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    “This is just the beginning”

    The rule change allowing girls to now play grassroots football with boys right up until u16's, rather than strictly girls from u12 (i think) only will certainly increase the standard, and more importantly, the depth of the players coming through. I do agree with one earlier poster though...
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    Wilder Rumours

    This all comes back to Wilder being aggrieved thinking he was wronged by what happened after he got the chop at Sheff Utd and his next gig should have been in the Prem. He is determined to get back there and they way he sees best to do that is flirt with every job available, rather than get us...
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    Higgy undr the cosh

    "I'd rather lose 5-4 than win 1 nil" not sure he would last too long with that approach! Think any prospective employers could be put off by that remark
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    Italy v England at the San Siro

    I get bang into it when its on and love the major tournaments but a world cup win with England would be on a par with 2nd round carabao cup scraped 2-1 home win against Leyton Orient. International Football is incomparable to club football.
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    Who is the most tav like player in the academy

    Trying to find a Tav replacement, someone who contributes to multiple aspects of the game from midfield, is like trying to find a 20 goal a season striker, invariably players with the requisite skill set are playing for clubs higher up the ladder.
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    Duncan Watmore - key man as Wilder attempts to lift Boro [Eric Paylor]

    Incredibly disappointing that a "key man" in a team with supposed promotion aspirations is a striker that's best quality is running around a lot trying to win the ball back!
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    Since sacking Southgate

    Steve Gibson is the best thing to ever happen to this football club. I would hazard a guess the people whinging about his involvement were brought up on Juninho, Merson and Mendieta, not, Dwight Marshall, Phil Whelan or Richard Liburd!!!! With the added benefit of hindsight, he may not get...
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    Why do football managers think fans don't understand tactics or team selections?

    I've watched the every Tour, Giro and Vuelta for the past 30 years so I'm attempting the hour record next week at the sports village!
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    Anybody still think that we will turn this around?

    We certainly need an upturn in form. Automatic is generally 2pts a game or 92pts over a season. Playoffs around 75. For us to get 75 pts we need 66 pts over our next 37 games, just over 2pts a game, So essentially we need Top 2 form to finish 6th!
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    Anybody still think that we will turn this around?

    I'm hopeful rather than expectant. We need a few tweaks in team selection and an upturn in form in a few key positions and we will be fine. I am also clinging to the fact that the championship is very open. Look at Reading, they are 4th but they were dreadful against the mackems and not much...
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    Why do football managers think fans don't understand tactics or team selections?

    exactly, i can knock out a good photo on my iphone now and again, doesn't mean I'm of the same level as professionals and I can start knocking peoples weddings! Take Woodgate, for example, played footy as kid, trained 2-3 times a week minimum since 5 years old, from 11 or 12 years old probably...
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    Out of Work Managers - Gibson's Cheap MO

    There is a distinct difference between poaching and making an formal approach through the club.
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    Why do football managers think fans don't understand tactics or team selections?

    This post really has cheered me up!! You just have to read some of our fans comments re Tav to know where the knowledge base is of the average fan. Also, that 10 minutes nonsense, I guarantee when we signed Dijksteel for example he would have been called out as terrible as, until Warnock...
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    Relegation play-offs and an AllStar game

    not really, 8pts separated 17th-13th, that would have been 5 teams try to evade the 4th play off spot which would have gone dwon to the 2nd last weekend for them all and the last for some.
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    Relegation play-offs and an AllStar game

    I like the idea of relegation play offs would add more jeopardy into the season. It would ensure teams in 13-16th couldn't coast through the last dozen or so games potentially.
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    It's certainly a possibility. If you think back to the first 2/3's of last season he had such high energy and quality about him. Looks a fraction of the player now. Couple that with Howson being a nyear older and replacing Tav with Mowatt and that goes a large way to explaining our current...
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    Would a poor result against Rotherham

    In the most simple form yes, but you have to consider the bigger picture when contemplating such drastic action as changing manager.