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  1. BiggEggo

    Wilder post match

    He's going to stick with the back 3 right to the end, which might be very soon. That is 🦕 behaviour on the Pulis scale. When something isn't working- keep on doing it. Dyche incoming - to sort out the mess.
  2. BiggEggo

    Kwarteng’s Post Budget Champagne Party

    Superficially, he's as thick and crooked as Bunter.
  3. BiggEggo


    At the end of the day the club is business and it needs to wipe its own face to survive. Gibson invests in cycles to push to regain prem status. When the attempt founders, he then needs to use a period of 3 to 4 years for the club to pay down his loan. That's the business model, and it's not a...
  4. BiggEggo

    Bausor and Scott Out

    Col, you sound a bit like you might be CW's mam.
  5. BiggEggo

    Hate to say it but Wilder has to go

    What about the idiots he employs front of house. Wilder, Monk, Strachan, Pulis,
  6. BiggEggo

    Hate to say it but Wilder has to go

    Strachan wasn't this bad. Makes Mobray look like Pepe Guardiola
  7. BiggEggo

    So, roll on Birmingham Wednesday

    Big middle finger wave off fo Wilder - useless chunt
  8. BiggEggo

    Spain want to jail Shakira for 8 years

    I would bang her up indefinitely.
  9. BiggEggo

    Describe a Tory in 3 words

    Incompetent Dishonest Finished
  10. BiggEggo

    Daily Mail Claim about Wilder.

    Daily Mail? The ones who backed Thick Lizzies budget, right to the point it tanked our economy. The Wilder story would have more credibility if the Beano published it rather than the Daily Fail.
  11. BiggEggo

    Harry Maguire

    If you want to see those calamitous mistakes repeated in a competitive game, then leave him in. Play him alongside Stones and in front of Pope and be sure of goal mouth action. Their second goal came from him losing possession. A CH trying to take on players on the edge of the oppo penalty area...
  12. BiggEggo

    Where is Liz Truss?

    Haven't they got enough problems already. I think she down the pork markets, recovering from Kamikaze Kwarteng's weak pounding.
  13. BiggEggo

    Heating Came On For 1st Time Since February

    Tried mine for an hour tonight, smart meter starting running faster than a stopwatch. £1.50 gone in 60 mins and that was just heating lounge and bedroom. So glad all the kids have cleared off.
  14. BiggEggo

    Government opposition, or lack of?

    The opposition that pose the immediate threat to this government are currently sitting on their own back benches. Knives are being sharpened and letters are being prepared. Kamikaze Kwarteng will be the shortest serving chancellor as Truss swings an axe to prevent her becoming the latest...
  15. BiggEggo

    Gary Neville says Matt Hancock provoked his involvement in Labour politics

    His comments on footballers pay pale into insignificance compared to his major part in wiping out tens of thousands of vulnerable oap's by planting covid agents into care homes. That was very deliberate and a very murderous act of cleansing.
  16. BiggEggo

    Anthony Joshua Agrees Terms to Fight Tyson Fury on December 3rd

    Is there such a thing as LIV boxing? All that money sloshing about for bullheads who's best work is just gobsh****g about each other. Joshua quite literally belongs in pantomime now. In the ring he's like an overstarched version of Frank Bruno, albeit without the big punch or charisma.
  17. BiggEggo

    Sir Chris Wilder not in for Rotherham Job.

    Millers fans no doubt relieved to have dodged that bullet.
  18. BiggEggo

    Wembley Tonight: England v Germany thread. Is it all over for Southgate?

    Tremendous energy and direct football from the subs to match that of Bellingham. And a cracking penalty from Kane. Take my hat of to Southgate on this one so far. First time I've ever seen him make changes to go after a game. On the flip side I'm sick of seeing lumbering CH's playing so high...
  19. BiggEggo

    Electric cars to cost more to run then petrol/ diesel cars

    The whole EV model is questionable atm. Off peak electricity discounts will gradually be removed as overnight base load demands increase. Mileage based taxation has already been signed off by the treasury to replace lost fuel duty revenues. Just upto the PM to drop that bombshell when they...
  20. BiggEggo

    Letters of no confidence in Truss already

    Truss is just a temp... handed the tiller only to beach the ship so Captain Bozo can swoop back in an lead them into the next GE with a load more levelling up b.s.