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    The rise of vaping at the riverside

    They do.
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    Queue to view the Queens coffin.

    This guy has cracked it
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    Gardening leave...

    That makes no sense
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    Dale Stephen’s training with us

    He's made 109 Premier League appearances since then.
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    Streaming the match in Spain?

    I was using my iPad. Downloaded Free VPN by from the App Store. No idea if it qualifies as a good one but it worked for me. You have to watch a few ads to build up VPN hours, then set to London and connect. I’ve deleted it off now I’m back in the uk
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    Streaming the match in Spain?

    Just back from Spain. If you use a VPN then the Sky Go works fine, albeit sometimes takes a couple of attempts. Not sure if its on tonight, but I paid the £10 and streamed our games through the mfc website whilst away.
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    That the numbers being quoted on what we paid for Hoppe were way off the mark. He played u23s to get some fitness you’d think. People seem desperate to see something that isn’t there
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    We didn’t pay £2-3m. Wilder said so himself.
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    Mogga, is it just a job? (Business) its not right....

    He’s a professional, and it’s a job. Same for Grant Leadbitter when he came and played for us.
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    Signings of Hoppe and Forss

    Wilder said Hoppe cost far less than was being reported. It’s easy to look and say “we should’ve added £1m to that bid instead” but the reality is that deals are structured in, sometimes, very complicated ways. This isn’t Football Manager.
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    Sander Berge to Liverpool?

    Listening to the radio earlier and they made a good point re Antony. Man Utd have basically shot themselves in the foot by overpaying for Martinez, allowing Ajax to squeeze them on Antony even more.
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    Interest rates - medium to long term, guesses.

    The presentation I mentioned has it forecast to be at 2.5-3% early next year.
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    Interest rates - medium to long term, guesses.

    I sorted a remortgage application the day before the recent increase to rates and went for a 5 year fix. I went to a presentation with Equifax a few weeks ago and their lead economist was forecasting inflation rates to remain high through 2023, with plenty of uncertainty around 2024. I think I’m...
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    Do you ever listen to your Mrs

    Regularly, usually because I can’t be bothered arguing. And then usually it turns out I was right. And then usually it ends up costing me money.
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    Wilder now 5-1 for Stoke job from 50-1

    No, they wouldn’t. Anyway, I’m not going to explain this again.
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    What does Kieran Scott actually do?

    Read this
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    Chris Wilder

    Can we please play Paddy at LCB? It’s where he’s been brilliant for a few years.
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    Clubs who are good and bad in the transfer market?

    I don’t know the ins and the outs of all the clauses so it’s difficult to comment too far. But I think Lampard said wages were also structured around performance. I could we’ll see a situation whereby they get to a year in and if it has really not worked out he’ll be sat on 1 performance less...
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    Clubs who are good and bad in the transfer market?

    £100k a week is fairly standard for a premier league player these days. He was only 25 when he joined for free and Lampard believes/hopes he can get him back to what he was.
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    Clubs who are good and bad in the transfer market?

    Everton’s spend over recent years has been ridiculous. But Alli isn’t that bad a deal really, basically a low cost punt on a player who was very good a couple of years ago.