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  1. alanmoodysdog

    Truss is Tanking

    dont think there has been such an uninspiring PM in my 63 years ....
  2. alanmoodysdog

    Your Iconic Footballer as a lad?....

    Alan Moody (who else would it be )
  3. alanmoodysdog

    Boro 2014-2016

    thought we were on the up with Karanka , the season in the premiership was a disaster tho and things have been downward since ... little hope this season will rise from the ashes , went to the Rotherham game ... first match for 3 years as living in thailand .... and it was very poor watching ...
  4. alanmoodysdog

    Have you ever lived or considered living abroad?

    last 3 years in Thailand in the rural North West .... remote homestead on 2 acres , growing mangos, bananas, papya ... love it , only bill is electric, water from a bore well, house owned and paid for ... 2 big loyal dogs and a modern city 40 mins drive away .... 65 now and can see me ending my...
  5. alanmoodysdog

    Oh Well

    Radio Ayresome
  6. alanmoodysdog

    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

    Radio caroline
  7. alanmoodysdog

    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

    Jack Horner
  8. alanmoodysdog

    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

    coronation street
  9. alanmoodysdog

    After 10 games ....

    Wilder said early in the season after 10 games you can see where things are going .... dear me ...
  10. alanmoodysdog

    South Stand drama

  11. alanmoodysdog

    Worst performance since

    poor performance against a very very average side .... Millers never pressed much to cause bother ... I was sitting in the West stand and the atmosphere was tsd toxic ... crowd are turing on Chrissy and Jones got loads of stick
  12. alanmoodysdog

    Neil Warnocks Red and White Army 👍

    All gone t*ts up since Tav left ..... nobody buzzing around the midfield ... mcgree not even touches the sides ....
  13. alanmoodysdog

    If Rotherham go 3 nil up

    something not right , sloppy defending ,
  14. alanmoodysdog

    Chris Kamara - The Untold Heartbreaking Story of a Football Legend

    Brilliant .... Honest and a educated host not just asking Under The Cosh type questions
  15. alanmoodysdog

    Football postponed until Tuesday

    cardiff and rotherham ok?
  16. alanmoodysdog

    v Rotherham Tickets

    Boro still selling tickets for 17th Sept v Rotherham so assume they believe its going ahead ... Just bought two for west stand Block 71 ... Only over for 4 weeks so trying to cram as many games (home and away) as possible .... hoping to get Millwall away but likely end up in the home end ....
  17. alanmoodysdog

    Saturdays matches off - Official from EFL

    show respect at the game with minutes silence .... too much canceling when government (rightly) allow life to go on
  18. alanmoodysdog

    Fao rob admin

    has he been through the initiation tasks?
  19. alanmoodysdog

    Good start for Mowbray

    my second team now Moggas there ... as Mogga says they are a fantastic big club ....
  20. alanmoodysdog


    lack of personality will show as a weakness at PMQ ... however this will not make her a bad leader ... 90% of her work will be done in the cabinet office ... lets see.