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  1. ianson_smoggy

    Braga Lagos

    Who's at the three monkeys? I'm in Albufeira and gonna head across in an hour or so.
  2. ianson_smoggy

    Braga Lagos

    Any going from Albufeira and returning there after the match?
  3. ianson_smoggy

    Payero gone

    There was no confirmation whether it was a loan or transfer when that was posted. Still, his wages are off the bill as is a squad space which can go to someone with more quality maybe. I hope he smashes it and comes back twice the player or worth £10m+.
  4. ianson_smoggy

    Payero gone

    Seen people say it's unfortunate of the form of the midfield three last season resulting in minimal game time. If he was good enough he'd have been playing. We took the opportunity to cash in on a £3m player who wasn't playing.
  5. ianson_smoggy

    You still heading to the match Portugal mate? In the airport now with the family about to fly...

    You still heading to the match Portugal mate? In the airport now with the family about to fly out. I'm still up for sharing a taxi back to Albufeira after the match.
  6. ianson_smoggy

    Boro player boot quiz

    Rav TLF ? Zenden ? Festa
  7. ianson_smoggy

    Doyle Signs on loan for Sheff Utd

    You reckon we would any chance of getting Cole Palmer on loan from City? He's class, the new Foden.
  8. ianson_smoggy

    Braga Lagos

    Do you have any info and/or experience re. public transport between Lagos and Albufeira?
  9. ianson_smoggy

    Braga Lagos

    Hey pal, that's not bad thinking. I was trying to get my head around the timetable websites for the train and buses. But for ease sharing a taxi back would be really handy. I'll give you a shout next week prior to the game. We're away from the 13th..
  10. ianson_smoggy

    Braga Lagos

    On holiday in Albufeira with Mrs and kids at same time. I'm hoping to get across to it if I can figure out the bus/train timetable/system. It's around an hour away for me. Think I'll bring my eldest, he's 4, watching Boro in Portugal for your first match 👌🏻
  11. ianson_smoggy

    Early Doors

    Great tv. Would've loved to get to the live show. I'll be downloading it off vimeo.
  12. ianson_smoggy

    Chelsea at home

    Reckon we'll find out today or tomorrow about the date and time? I'm guessing it's going to be the Sunday.
  13. ianson_smoggy

    Outdoor Furniture

    We bought a Hartmann 8 seater outdoor rattan table with glass top and a lazy susan turntable half price for a grand from a local garden centre this time last year. It's good quality.
  14. ianson_smoggy

    The tourist…

    It goes downhill after the first 3 episodes imo.
  15. ianson_smoggy

    Lady Ayresome @ Wolverhampton today

    14.50. Will she handle the all-weather alright? If she does, she should have an each way shout in a class 4 nursery no? At 28/1, I'll have a little each way bet anyway 👍🏻🏇
  16. ianson_smoggy

    Lady Ayresome up in class for next race?

    Drawn on the wrong side of the track mind given some of the high drawn winners this week
  17. ianson_smoggy

    Lady Ayresome up in class for next race?

    Ground is still described as good to firm. I'll be having a few quid each way. Good luck everyone 👍🏻
  18. ianson_smoggy

    April Fool Media Watch

    You could hear Oj Borg and his producer speak in the background of his first song that he played on radio 2 at midnight, talking about colleagues and getting the wine and beers in. Cue hundreds of messages to him on twitter etc. Followed by his April Fools joke revelation.
  19. ianson_smoggy

    Another Bristol in the making?

    100% incorrect. You are told to go on the training and trained up in case of scenarios like Bristol where a vast no.of officers are needed for an extended period.
  20. ianson_smoggy

    The detectives : fighting organised crime

    Play with fire, you get burnt. But it was a great insight. It has a huge ranging affect on both the families and friends of those directly involved. And to whoever said it's an argument for legalising drugs 🤔 cannabis maybe. But the use heroin, cocaine and even abuse of prescription medication...