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  1. exeterboro

    Train Strikes for Reading
  2. exeterboro

    Fry for 15 million

    If Fry goes and I hope he doesn't, the club need to go after their targets and not wait but bid sufficiently so they get them, we are understrength as it is we need to make sure that we have the players we can so they are up and match ready, not wait until the 31st August and then wonder why we...
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    2575 Mackems

    The term MLF relates more to an attitude, it's my crap grammar not getting it across.
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    2575 Mackems

    Massive Lads Fan, it what they call themselves
  5. exeterboro

    2575 Mackems

    I consider my self from Yorkshire and the North East, it's the geographical truth of where I was born and lived until I was 20 If some halfwit from an ex mining village or area wants to dispute that, I'm not sure I can get enough F''s together to care about their opinions.
  6. exeterboro

    2575 Mackems

    Reading that thread on their site, and one of their Muppets has us down for bricking their disabled coach, which if remember correctly was them bricking ours - which just goes to show how they have selective memory when they have turned out to be total bellends. Reading the thread none of them...
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    bowler blackpool

    If he was our player and had been available last night where would he have fitted in apart from maybe McNair replacing Dijiksteel and Bowler slotting in to Paddies role. I'm not sure where they want to spend our remaining money but he seems a bargain at £3m
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    Blackpool away tickets

    And 7-8000 Everton just after Rangers
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    44.5 million for Gibbs White

    £12 million for Spence seems laughable now.
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    Blackpool away tickets

    You had a lot of teams in the 80s cause mayhem at Blackpool, such as Man City and Sunderland but it seems according to Blackpool fans we were the worst they seen so it could be our allocation doesn't go over the 3300 that they gave us last year.
  11. exeterboro

    Blackpool away tickets

    We probably end up doubling our ticket allocation at least so I think all people over 140pts should end up getting a ticket.
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    The arm was across his face it was planted there with energy, if a Ref doesn't give that as a foul he' s going to invite possibly very dangerous play to a goalie. When he was on the floor you could see he had been bashed on the nose the way he was checking to see if it was still attached.
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    Blackpool away tickets

    We sold 3300 last season but the way the tickets shifted we probably could have sold 5000 for a night match. Derby were were given 4400 when they played there towards the end of the season so hopefully we can get as many.
  14. exeterboro

    Yep we are getting there.

    Get a LCB, our purchased forwards were match fit, we would have had that tonight. We are a strong team underperforming, we will win soon and then let's see what happens. Oops jedi Boro has this
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    End to End

  16. exeterboro

    There ya go… shyte are we…?

    If we get the players we need and want we will be the business, the only black cloud is who CW prefers in defence to the players he leaves out, but who knows that could work out better than I expected.
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    Pirate Day Fun

    Because they RRRrrrrrrr
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    Edinburgh Fringe and Jerry Sadowitz

    He pushes the edge of what audiences are comfortable with and you can't even really prepare yourself because he shuts down any clips of himself on YouTube. I read about this on Sunday and was directed to a Twitter audio clip of him in 87, it was harsh even for then but his material was the then...
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    Has it rained where you are ?

    It rained this morning in and around Exeter, as above just unbearably sticky now
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    When do we think Blackpool ticket info will be released?

    If they do for us what they did for Derby last season we should get 4500tickets