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    Boho X - Middlesbrough THE Digital City Planning Permission

    Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston has revealed that planning permission for £30 million digital skyscraper Boho X is being submitted today (Monday February 24) - with building work set to start in late summer for completion in 2022. Along with private investment in two neighbouring residential...
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    Feedback on new site thread

    Is that better, for the position of the lower advert? I need to look at this over a few days now to assess, I think.
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    Blown Away at Barnsley

    Defeat at bottom club Barnsley has piled all sorts of pressure on Woodgate's Boro. A terrible sequence of results and performances has seen us collect just 1 point from 3 relegation haunted sides - a fact that I heard repeated again and again around the away end at Oakwell. Because just as in...
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    Feedback on new site thread

    I don't know how the content will look as we haven't started designing them OR working out how to fund them. The other site was old and falling to bits but it supplied an income - and that kept it going. Am a way off discovering a way to make this place pay for itself. You might not be happy...
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    MSS Magazines

    No - they stopped many years ago now. Andy Smith the editor moved up north. Excellent magazine - really well designed and great interviews and features. I have most of them I think. A quick look, maybe 2004 was the last - Juno lifting the cup.
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    Heather Couper RIP

    Very sad news.
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    Feedback on new site thread

    We have to have adverts - to survive and hopefully flourish as a business. The format of this site as opposed to the old makes it a little more difficult to site them. But they are not pop ups, or pop unders and do not float over the top when you try to post. But they need to be in view because...
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    Philip Meadows Boro Art Charity Raffle

    The guys from The Arthouse with the artwork that is being raffled. ARTICLE LINK
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    Philip Meadows Boro Art Charity Raffle

    Top Tees artist Philip Meadows has kindly put one of his pieces of art up for raffle for Zoe's Place. You can own the framed print of Keepy Uppy for just £1 if lucky in the raffle that will be drawn by Glen Durrant next month at The Arthouse, Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough. The print has been...
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    Priti Patel!!

    Just how would people from Teesside be able to afford to live in London, for instance. Or to afford to commute to do the thousands of jobs filled there by foreign workers ,living maybe short term and often in very poor conditions. Or to take another example - archaeologists - over 70% are...
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    Feedback on new site thread

    Oh yes - I see. I have a meeting with a developer next week. I would rather he look at it than me muck it all up, to be honest.
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    Feedback on new site thread

    I have a meeting coming up with one of the developers so we will look through the thread and price up different ideas and weigh them up against the price, I guess.
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    Minutes from Boro Supporters Forum

    Kick It Out statement about abuse and chanting towards James McLean made in January (2020). “James McClean was once again subjected to disgraceful anti-Irish and sectarian abuse this weekend. We have informed The FA so they can investigate but we reiterate – the abuse he continues to receives...
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    Minutes from Boro Supporters Forum

    I should say that I did enter FSA fanzine of the year but wasn't shortlisted by the judges. I have written to Middlesbrough Football Club about the visit to Stoke City in March.
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    Minutes from Boro Supporters Forum

    Held last week.. These are the accompanying notes from the secretary... We had a good collection at the Foodbank last Saturday - despite the horrible weather - which WASN'T as bad as we had expected prior to 3pm - but despite most folks turning up to the game late on we had plenty of donors of...
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    Priority points no longer allocated for MFC travel

    The reason it costs so much is because Compass can levvy a far higher charge for their coaches and drivers than individual coach hires. This has been confirmed by one of the Fans Forum who regularly hires coaches. If you think back several years Compass was replaced by Tees Valley - this was...
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    Share The Love - Food Bank Appeal Tomorrow

    Fans Forum is making another appeal tomorrow for Middlesbrough Food Bank - please bring a bit of shopping, a tin or two in your pockets for the collection van - behind North Stand. There is a list linked of what items the Food Bank is currently short on and more info. Please help feed those...
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    Feedback on new site thread

    I am not the only moderator - but yes, I am at matches so have no understanding of what it is like match day online. But I would not ask anyone else to force moderate - imagine how annoyed people would be if their posts were deleted almost as soon as they were posted. And it would be a...
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    Adverts Update

    All adverts have been taken down - as I explained on Apologies thread what happened yesterday was not planned at all. Hoping to try again today to place them manually - and avoid some kind of auto over-ride that saw automated adverts appear everywhere. But this is one of the reasons for running...