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  1. FullTiltTraore

    Boho X - Middlesbrough THE Digital City Planning Permission

    I'm always in favour of new buildings unless your replacing a nice building like they did when the A66 was built (that was criminal how much Boro lost) due to the new tech that can easily be packed. But there has to be a plan for existing unusable buildings otherwise they're just wasting...
  2. FullTiltTraore

    Boho X - Middlesbrough THE Digital City Planning Permission

    SmallTown that's fine and I like new buildings because they're all shiny and look good but what about the other office space couldn't that have been converted etc. If not it needs knocking down.
  3. FullTiltTraore

    SUNAK to move Treasury to Teesside ?

    The example where I think it worked was when Thatcher got the whole of the NHS section of the Department for Health to move to Leeds. I think a lot has sprung up around those offices in Leeds with a big medical economy there.
  4. FullTiltTraore

    Boho X - Middlesbrough THE Digital City Planning Permission

    I agree with other posters what do the hell does Middlesbrough need more offices for? If the current ones aren't fit for purpose knock them down. Most are utter eyesore 60s drab anyway and won't be missed by anyone with their smashed windows etc.
  5. FullTiltTraore

    Brentford beamback

    Don't know about you but I'd rather sit in a hospitality suite than in the freezing cold squinting at the big screen.
  6. FullTiltTraore

    Brentford beamback

    Pie and peas there are normally pretty good tbf
  7. FullTiltTraore

    The Riverside

    Looking at that impression we could still do that bit of landscaping. Would mean an end to the car park behind the north and south stands but sure it would look ten times better. I guess Shepherdson Way was built as the railway couldn't be lowered or altered. That road could be made so much more...
  8. FullTiltTraore

    Djed Spence & Jonny Howson

    Marvellous scenes. Ayala probably next for me then Howson. Both mature players but have a big part to play in our future imo.
  9. FullTiltTraore

    Tell us about your avatar

    Cool retro image from 1998 promotion season was that or Nigel Pearson with the trophy
  10. FullTiltTraore

    New site is mint

    New site is mint
  11. FullTiltTraore

    Where has Mark Page gone to?

    Quite like the new guy. Mind u hate this 10 mins to kick off bollocks and the teams are waiting in the tunnel.