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  1. Otto42

    Best smooching songs at the end of the night....

    Ah the good old ten to tower as me and the lads used to call it.....quick trawl round for any spare and bob's yer uncle....
  2. Otto42

    Dael Fry

    I assumed Fry had been injured, but if tactical I wouldn't be surprised if he's replaced by Greaves. While I think Dael is a better player than Lenihan, he's not really developed into a Wilder type - for example he isn't much of a threat at set pieces or a talker/organiser - we defended corners...
  3. Otto42

    Larsen interview after 6.1 defeat today.

    Jonjo Shelvey and three others?! Hopefully, Larsen, Greaves and a couple of midfielders?
  4. Otto42

    Larsen interview after 6.1 defeat today.

    I'll take good odds that Larsen will be here before the end of the transfer window. Groningen are trying to get the best deal they can.
  5. Otto42

    Can we talk about Riley McGree?

    Looks much better further forward. I wouldn’t give up on him just yet. Once we get the defence sorted we’ll be ok.
  6. Otto42

    * The unofficial "Official" Boro v Sheffield United Match-day Thread *

    Exciting game, could have lost it and could have won it. Think he needs to get a settled back three. Fry seems to be carrying a knock? McNair has to play at the back. Mowatt looks a good addition.
  7. Otto42

    * The unofficial "Official" Boro v Sheffield United Match-day Thread *

    Ffs….can’t see us can’t coming back again!
  8. Otto42

    Chris Wilder on defensive experimenting and making most of Dael Fry's strengths [Gazette]

    If Fry doesn’t start against Sheffield United 😱
  9. Otto42

    A little perspective needed

    Agree regarding Tav, it really has taken the heart beat out of the team. We won’t get a similar replacement ready made for 12m, so we are gambling on unearthing a gem no one else has and therefore need patience. Part of me is concerned Wilder won’t make it past Gibbo’s sacking time, usually...
  10. Otto42

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Barnsley Carabao Cup Match Thread *

    Agree. It’s not like they need a rest as we’ve had two games so far and next play Sunday, wasn’t he also saying Forss and Akpom were a bit behind because they hadn’t had a pre season? Wouldn’t tonight be an opportunity to give them some game time?
  11. Otto42

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Barnsley Carabao Cup Match Thread *

    That’s poor. Feel like a bit of a drama queen but really hope we can kick start the season soon or else it could quickly turn sour for Wilder. Maybe I’ll be a bit more pragmatic in the morning!
  12. Otto42

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Barnsley Carabao Cup Match Thread *

    Big opportunity for Boyd Munce tonight.
  13. Otto42

    Its 5pm and the Classified Football Results read by James Alexander Gordon ......

    Good point, I’ll take it further, if they haven’t got time for everything scrap the inane 606!
  14. Otto42

    Its 5pm and the Classified Football Results read by James Alexander Gordon ......

    Am relatively ambivalent about this, lots of memories associated with this and sports report, but times have changed. Going the same way as the Sports Gazette, Golden Goal and Football Programmes.
  15. Otto42

    The three in midfield

    The three in midfield at the moment are too slow and while we play Howson as a holding midfielder he isn’t a tackler or harrier. As someone else said we need to find the next Robbie Mustoe, happy to give Boyd Munce or McNair a go, but haven’t seen enough of BM and I’m sure we’ve tried Paddy...
  16. Otto42

    QPR - Shithousery Mastery

    May sound daft, but why does play have to stop for a substitution? As long as a team doesn’t have anymore than eleven active players at anyone time, might be a bit chaotic at first, but fourth official could administer all this and let the ref now via his earpiece?
  17. Otto42

    QPR - Shithousery Mastery

    The ‘double substitution’ at the end was farcical and refs need to clamp down on this or else the three substitution intervals are a pointless rule, ie both players need to go on and off at the same time and not separately.
  18. Otto42

    Do you think Dael Fry is off

    Lenihan’s looked a straight red for a foul as the last defender, so should only be one game. I am starting to think there’s more to Fry being injured than meets the eye, so maybe we are going to let him go if we get the famous left sided centre half in. At the moment the most vital incoming is...
  19. Otto42

    Wilder shows his limited ability - AGAIN

    You can blame Wilder for picking the ‘wrong team’ at QPR, but we don’t know what he sees in training. Fry and McNair would both start for me if fit and ready to play. We are clearly missing Tav and don’t have a replacement, that’s not down to Wilder and we have signed one forward to replace...
  20. Otto42

    Chris Wilder Press Conference

    It's in the public domain that we have bid for Larsen and Greaves this week, but their clubs want more than we are prepared to pay. Unless the players themselves are pushing for moves to Boro there isn't really much else we can do. Sounds like the situation regarding the loans is unchanged and...