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  1. Borobarmy

    Well it’s time to inspect the damage

    I’m going outside and I may be a while ! After last night especially the early hours of this morning it sounded like the twister in Wizard of Oz outside. Already looked out bedroom window and there’s tiles in the garden and wheelie bin down the street and it’s still blowing hard . If I’m not...
  2. Borobarmy

    Ex footy player wins lottery live

    Fabulous footage of him learning live he’s won a million . “ right lads all clock off we’re all going out and the beers are on me “
  3. Borobarmy

    British sea power yesterday and today

    In one stirring image .
  4. Borobarmy

    Ed Sheeran has Covid

    Got to start a vigil and a gofund me page . I’m devastated
  5. Borobarmy

    Shearer - the cheeky b@****d !

    His comment about Juninho playing for Boro 😡
  6. Borobarmy

    Chris Hughton

    I would on Wednesday . Enough said
  7. Borobarmy

    What nailed his coffin for me

    Is when he said he enjoyed the Blackpool game . FFS is he for real
  8. Borobarmy

    Get rid of the dinosaur

    In my mind there is something we don’t know , it will all come out but get rid of the fool . He is an embarrassment Gibbo needs to stop being a knight of fixing wayward teams . GIBBO b***r being a prefect of the league and turn your attention back to the Boro
  9. Borobarmy

    A video of Steve Gibson today re. Derby

    Re the Derby admin news , I’ve been having a browse on their forum and I had to nick a clip one of them posted of our very own Gibbo Really shouldn’t laugh but I can’t help it . All self induced it transpires
  10. Borobarmy

    I’m sick of dogs

    I’m, about to be murdered but I am absolutely up to my neck in dogs . My locals are now like Crufts and the pubs are teaming with them . Go to Saltburn and again it’s full of them overwhelming the beach .
  11. Borobarmy

    The real intention of the Bilsdale mast fire

    It’s real reason was to announce we still haven’t decided on a Pontiff up front Hopefully white smoke today after that Blackpool performance
  12. Borobarmy

    Oh Sports Direct you never really thought this through

    Did you ? Our new Swastika line .
  13. Borobarmy

    Isn’t Lidl so handy and on the ball

    I mean , of course who doesn’t need a sea scooter for scuba diving with their weekly shopping
  14. Borobarmy

    My brain told me this was a “ no witches “ sign

    And refused to see anything else for a little while
  15. Borobarmy

    Aren’t Swift’s brill

    One of my faves . Just laid on my bed listening to them since dawn soaring and singing their heads off . I’m dead lucky as there’s a farm near me where they nest in the barn eaves . Mind they hardly ever nest at all as they spend nearly their entire life on the wing ( even sleeping and mating )...
  16. Borobarmy

    Blimey it’s getting warm

    And going to get warmer . Just rigged my stand up cooling fan at end of bed . The semi rotational pattern is a godsend . Phew Bliss
  17. Borobarmy

    This is what you call true owner/dog dedication

    Carlos pushes his beloved dying dog Monty up Pen y Fan in a wheelbarrow for ’ one last adventure ‘ together . 😥
  18. Borobarmy

    Dog muttering “ you gotta problem “ ?

  19. Borobarmy

    21/22 fixtures out at 9 am

  20. Borobarmy

    Classic quintessential GB photo

    Nothing stops us doing our work . BTW it’s not Sunderland but Scotland .