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  1. Lifelonfaninexile

    Hoppe deal agreed..

    Yorba Linda is just down the road from Riverside.
  2. Lifelonfaninexile

    York races this Saturday

    Look out for a bookie who turns up on a bike and have a bet with him.
  3. Lifelonfaninexile

    The best player you have ever seen live

    Another vote for Georgie, Unstoppable.
  4. Lifelonfaninexile

    Steve Cooper

    Both stonewall, corruption reigns supreme.
  5. Lifelonfaninexile

    Best Debut Album?

    Bit m.o.r. I know but I though James Morrisons Undiscovered was a great body of work for a debut.
  6. Lifelonfaninexile

    Pitch invasion penalties ?

    Leaves it wide open to opposition "fans" to attend and invade to get the points deduction for their rivals.
  7. Lifelonfaninexile

    Todays Worldle

    Well knock me down with a feather, I never knew that.
  8. Lifelonfaninexile

    Todays Worldle

    The country I am talking about came about in 1993.
  9. Lifelonfaninexile

    Todays Worldle

    What I am convinced is the correct answer is not even on the drop down list.
  10. Lifelonfaninexile

    Todays Worldle

    No , it started with a C.
  11. Lifelonfaninexile

    Todays Worldle

    The stupid set up will not accept todays correct answer. It says unknown country when I put what I know is correct.
  12. Lifelonfaninexile

    Time for fences again

    If the football authorities had any morals instead of pure greed, then Forest would receive no tickets for the final.
  13. Lifelonfaninexile

    55 years ago Boro 4 Oxford 1

    Brilliant night, If It were possible to zoom in like todays photos, I could probably see myself in the gap between the keeper and the post for Johns in off header.
  14. Lifelonfaninexile

    Early Doors

    Bit old school I know, but I bought the two disc complete set many years ago. Its the only reason I still have a DVD player.
  15. Lifelonfaninexile

    Major Donation to U.K. Conservative Party Was Flagged Over Russia Concerns

    Utterly, utterly bent at every level.
  16. Lifelonfaninexile

    Jack Monroe Tweet

  17. Lifelonfaninexile


    One of my fav F.T. tracks. Says it like it is. Take note.
  18. Lifelonfaninexile

    No matchday live Video??

    Got Opera loaded, links all look like betting sites. Any tips?
  19. Lifelonfaninexile

    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

    Jazzies Groove