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  1. Norfolkred1

    South Stand display today.

    Not sure if aware but just picked this up off face ache.
  2. Norfolkred1

    Broad band deals

    What is a decent download speed. Sky are having our eyes out with price increases on BB, Plus Net say upto 19mb is that good. TIA
  3. Norfolkred1

    A Small Town in Europe on Youtube

    Just been watching the 2005-2006 season on Youtube. Will we ever see the firepower of the likes of JFH, MV or the Yak in a Boro side ever again.
  4. Norfolkred1

    After the biging up by CW

    Will he, should he, apologise for THAT performance especially to the fans who have backed to team to the hilt.
  5. Norfolkred1

    Legends Lounge Hospitality

    Anyone been and is it worth using.
  6. Norfolkred1

    Giz a squeeze mister

    Stood behind 3 young lads in the queue at the south stand today while the stewards checked ST. The first two went through and the third was saying that the other two had his ST. As we all got in the third lad asked the other two for their ST's through the turnstile, which obviously failed. So...
  7. Norfolkred1

    Air B n B's.

    Anyone use them. Found some really good ones about and used a few over the years in the USA and the UK. Often cheaper than hotels and a homely feel.
  8. Norfolkred1

    Checking ST's last night

    Any idea why the stewards were checking ST before you went into the south stand last night.
  9. Norfolkred1

    Eastenders or an Enema

    Come on you closet Cockerneys.
  10. Norfolkred1

    Pre loaded holiday cards

    I have an escape travel card through Dawson's travel agency. I found recently out that when I went top up the Escape card through Dawson's I was told they were cutting ties with the group and that Escape maybe ceasing trading. If you have one I would suggest you clear it out as it may take...
  11. Norfolkred1

    Balogun for under 21's

    A well deserved call up.
  12. Norfolkred1

    Chelski can now fly up.
  13. Norfolkred1

    ABLE Crane coming down

    Maybe old news, but not to me:
  14. Norfolkred1

    Harry Kane

    Sent by a Hammers mate:
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  16. Norfolkred1

    Here comes Eunice

    Looks a bit nasty
  17. Norfolkred1

    17 Arrests yesterday

    Various charges from, drunk, drugs and assaulting a health worker. Just hope we are not in the majority. Well done to all involved in keeping the peace. Looks like the fell having a cardiac arrest is in hospital receiving treatment.
  18. Norfolkred1

    Spurs game Tuesday 1st March

    1955 Kick Off. Bizarre time
  19. Norfolkred1

    More Barnsley Tickets

    From MFC Site: We were awarded an allocation of 4,400 tickets for the match, a 3pm kick-off on Saturday 26 February, all of which were snapped up after a little more than 24 hours. The home club have provided a further allocation of 287 tickets, which will go on sale to supporters with 70+...
  20. Norfolkred1

    Ali Brownlee

    On the 14th Feb it will be 6 years since the great man left us. Parmo's in the Sky Ali UTFB and RIP.