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    Hugh Woozencroft

    No colin murray is he? But its only week 1 i guess
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    Getting Away After The Game

    Looks like its going to be fun Albert Road is closed (PIP Market?) and Marton Road has roadworks on it with temporary lights
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    Cleveland Show

    With the fair pulling back into Stewart Park today that got me thinking about the Cleveland Show. I was shocked to read it is no more! Im sure the 2020 event which didnt take place was going to be free entry to try and boost visitor numbers
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    Kings of Leon Tonight in Newcastle

    Been dropped in it . Late notice but ive got 2 tickets for tonight's show paid £130 for them ... £80 if anyone is interested for the pair
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    Heat In Spain BBC Breakfast

    poster on here?
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    Duncan Wood

    Farewell speech on tonight's calendar due to ill health. I remember when he did/presented the Sport on Tyne Tees, must have been before he switched to Yorkshire TV
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    And Still They Chant ...

    Marcelo Bielsa Followed by 'sack the board'
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    Soccer AM

    I see there was somebody wearing a boro shirt in the audience during Pro AM (Tom Cairney's top bins was impressive) That white band really does stand out in a crowd!
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    Last Day Encounters

    A trip down memory lane .. enjoy We've had a number of seasons where its gone to the last game to decide promotion/relegation. I guess if you ran a poll the newcastle and Wolves games of the early 90s would be up there for most memorable .. sadly Hillsborough and Elland Road would be ones to...
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    93Cornershop Boro Merch

    Randomly came up on my facebook feed, How do they get away with using our (and other) clubs badges? Obviously MFC dont make any money from this
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    Gemma Lee Charity Game

    Saw this featured on the local news, im sure there would have been a bigger crowd had it got more publicity, but there again would the local police have wanted boro, sunderland and pools fans in the same stands Woodgate, Leadbitter, Cattermole and Dimi featured...
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    Local Non-League Interest

    I see South Shields and scarborough are in playoff action on tuesday (northern premier league premier) and could possibly face each other for a place in National League North to play the likes of Darlo, York and Spenny Meanwhile 1 step below in northern premier league east Marske, Stockton and...
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    Crooks Hair Is Fine ...

    Picks up yellow cards all the time!!! Lets hope mcgree steps up next 3 games
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    Match Time Revisited

    I assume this is a spin off of 'big match' interesting watching Oldham play on grass. It wasnt until the mid 80s them and Preston joined the plastic pitch revolution. I wasnt aware it was actually QPR who were the first team and were banned from playing UEFA Cup matches at Loftus Road ...
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    Snooker on ITV4

    Just seems odd how theyve got the guy from the Social Stable (itv racing) presenting the Snooker. Late stand-in maybe? You get used to certain things .. Hazel Irvine (BBC Coverage) and Jil Douglas (ITV) Even Quest/Eurosport have had a female presenter of late covering the sport
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    Pitch Invaders?

    Did this guy get right to the centre circle to ask howson for his shirt without being approached or stopped? EDIT ... i see there was at least another 2 aswell shown on the BBC
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    Chelsea in Centre Square

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    Who's got the easiest run-in to the playoffs

    Its that time of the season where i look at the top 10 and follow the progress week by week. I know the championship throws out some surprise results every season, but who's run-in would you pick out of this lot. QPR appear to have a few tough games coming up, Coventry's doesnt look very...
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    Talk Sport

    Cundy and o'hara at loggerheads with each other over spurs demise Debating if west ham are a bigger club
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    I assume Teesside is free of the white stuff judging by friends reactions to my photo on facebook? (I'm in Knaresborough where the snowflakes are bigger than crisps!)