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  1. Gains

    Russia / Ukraine Transfer Window

    Open now approved by UEFA and FIFA until April 7th to allow clubs to sign any players from those countries on a short term deal until 30th June 2022 with no penalty. Could we take a striker or 2? JUST SEEN OTHER THREAD - Delete this
  2. Gains

    Emulsion Spray Painting - Business Opportunity

    If anyone is handy and thinking of setting up their own business, you should consider buying airless spray equipment and going down the home improvements route. Much better finish than brush painting, and it’s nigh on impossible to get someone. Contacted people on Teesside who haven’t even...
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    Missed other thread. Delete.
  4. Gains

    Gypsy John Fury

    The bloke is an embarrassment. From jumping about on the Tyson Fury Documentary after Tyson beat Wilder the first time shouting "he came from these balls" while grabbing himself, to now telling Jake Paul "after Tommy knocks you out he's going to bend your girlfriend over and do her like a dog"...
  5. Gains

    Si Señor

    How good is the River Plate original of the Martin Payero song?
  6. Gains

    Payero No hablo Inglés

    Payero Interview from Olympics "After finishing the Olympic Games, he will make the jump to Europe because he will move to Middlesbrough of the second division of England. "I don't know how to name the team (laughs). Martin knows nothing about the English language. We told him to study and he...
  7. Gains

    England v Sri Lanks ODI Emirates Riverside

    Anyone else got tickets for this sell out? Do you think it'll happen at full capacity? If England win their Euro's Group they'll kick off their RO16 match at 17:00 so watching that and the cricket at the same time at that time of day might be a bit tricky 🍺
  8. Gains

    Kicking off at Middlesbrough Council

    Deputy mayor and the independents sent a letter to Andy Preston accusing him of all sorts of wrong doing. Could be quite a story.
  9. Gains

    People who are unhappy with their lot.

    Has it become standard practice now, to try and make others as unhappy as they are? Rather than concentrating their efforts on improving their own lives? The amount of personal abuse aimed not just at the famous but at anyone deemed to either be doing well, looking decent or who disagrees with...
  10. Gains

    Football Nap of the Day

    One team who WILL win today in your opinion. Added kudos for value. Hartlepool look very tasty to me at 23/20
  11. Gains

    Anyone had an Orangery extension?

    Currently in the process of deciding whether to move or extend for a bit more space downstairs. I don't want to start going down the quote route until we've decided so just looking for a ball park figure something like the picture below has cost around the Teesside area? Prob around 4m x 3m with...
  12. Gains

    Don O’Riordan & Peter Beagrie

    Just been listening to the BBC Tees Boro podcast, really enjoyed Pally’s and it reminded me of something I’ve always wondered. Why isn’t O’Riordan labelled Judas the same way Beagrie is by many fans. Is it because Beagrie was so good? Because he was local? Because the transfer fee was so poor...
  13. Gains

    Wigan - Immediate Objective to Finish this Season

    Sky Sports saying earlier there's a 75% chance they will. I don't really like those odds considering we've had 4 points off them and all results would be void.
  14. Gains

    These Teesside Airport Concerts

    Is anyone going to one? A lot of them are 2 shows a night, the second one starting 2 and a half hours after the first one starts, the change over of cars and getting people to move on from their pitch after the show is finished sounds like a nightmare, unless the shows are only about an hour...