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    Stenson stripped of Ryder Cup Captaincy

    Shame , but understandable. The golf governing bodies tying to hold on to their manopolies here and abroad.
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    Arteta's managerial assist

    Where he assisted Arsenals 3rd goal in acting/thinking very quickly in running to a ball that had gone out of play over the touch line, picking up the ball, handing it to his player for a quick throw in. Something doesn't quite sit right with me, I don't think that this should be allowed.
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    Dementia collection

    Well done to those volunteers who were out collecting for Dementia Care in the local area on match day Saturday. I really hope you filled those buckets. It's a horrible condition and effects a lot of families as well as the individual.
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    Jack Grealish

    As reported on Sky Sport News, just entered field of play and getting booed by a large portion of the Villa crowd. Don't agree with the boo boys at all.
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    Renewing Energy Tarrif

    After the massive hikes in energy cost, what are you guys choosing at renewal time. For example I currently pay £92/month for gas/elec which end in a months time. I've been offered Std Variable a £140 /month, Fixed for 2years £248 /month & Fixed 3years £225. It's always been easy in the past...
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    If you were to decorate your own coffin lid, what would you have on it to portray the person you were and how it reflects your time.
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    A reminder last night.

    Why I enjoy watching the footie live. Pressed them from the off, never letting them settle. Bouncing around like a bunch of kids we were as the goals went in. Credit to the Sheff Utd fans in the north stand sat near us who took the loss with dignity, knowing their team had been well and truly...
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    Property Repair-floor

    I have a floor problem in a house where the wall plate supporting the floor joists has collapsed. Insurance companay have bailed, so I am looking for recommendations for a local builder. The house is in Stockton. Thanks
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    Paralympics-Wheelchair Rugby

    Wow, just an amazing Gold for those fantastic athletes. The effort and determination showed by both teams in the final will last with me for a very long time, end to end stuff. And to think the G.B team had to find their own funding.
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    Private Number Plate

    Having a couple of pre-match beers outside the Locomotion, Station Rd Eaglescliffe Wednesday early evening. A car drove past and I thought I saw the registration ER1MUS on it. Anyone on here?
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    Warnock calling out players for not taking the Covid Jab

    Calling them irresponsible.....I'm surprised and disappointed with the players. That's them off the list for the BBQ.
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    Quotes by players-absolute class

    On the show about Bobby Moore. 1966 World Cup 1/4 final England v Argentina in a very violent match where they tried to kick our players off the pitch. Argentinian captain sent off, and ultimately a win for England. Alf Ramsey incensed after the way the Argentinians played wouldn't allow the...
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    Ferrari: Race to Immortality

    Watch the film about the story of Ferrari motor racing team and it's drivers, focusing on the heady days of racing in the 50's and 60's. Fascinating and quite chilling what these guys went through, the tragedies. The stories and insights about the drivers by the people around them. It was on...
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    Whip Round for Neil

    I think we better start one for the fine coming his way. Well said NW
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    My favourite Albums from 1970

    I was only 12 but had older influences around me. Deja Vu Bridge Over Troubled Water Led Zep 111 What were yours?
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    Last shipment of coal from the Tyne

    Amazing to think that, when there was once over 400 pits in the North East most of which shipped the black stuff out of the Tyne.
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    The Vietnam War- PBS America Documentary.

    Ken Burns, Lynn Novick's brilliantly directed examination of the war, and the politics behind it. I'm watching this series of programs again this week after seeing it a few years ago and keep shaking my head, with tears in my eyes at times of the first hand accounts of people who were witnesses...
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    FA Cup

    Marine get help from Liverpool and Everton with training facilities being made available, nothing unusual there. But the breaking of 'attendance' record by selling virtual tickets was a great story and well done to all supporters who purchased one. The FA Cup brings out the best stories ...
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    Chris Rea songs

    Going home for Christmas and The Road to Hell, very apt at the moment. What a sad time those lorry drivers are having at the moment. I would have classed them as Key Workers, and as such should have had at least a test. I also appreciate that whilst they stay in their cab they pose very low...
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    8 1st team players out with Covid incident at training ground. Asked for game to be suspended but had to go ahead and field a team. Got a draw after going behind, credit to them. Begs the question, should games be postponed when teams are effected so in current climate? Maybe base it on a...