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    Where is Newyddion ?

    Is that really you Newy ?
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    Keinan Davis Villa forward

    Amd on the end of Giles : Jones crosses he could score more . Good signing for Watford if he goes there
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    Jacob Greaves Hull LCH

    Is he really the answer to our LCH problem ? £5-7m ? Watched the highlights v Bradford and he was no where to be seen when Andy Cook scored twice . Thoughts ?
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    Where is Newyddion ?

    You OK ? Normally knocking lists out and entertaining us on here , not seen many posts , hope your OK.
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    So then ........ 3 premier league players

    As time has passed I think the original 3 may be off, but there is others who we will be interested in , CW will decide I would like to think. 4/5/9/10/11 , he knows who he wants, I hope we can find alternatives quickly and get them in , games are coming quick and fast.
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    What a fantastic shot of the red faction v WBA

    Are they ( RF ) planning anything for Sheff U Sunday ? We all need to be in full support on Sunday , huge game, history with them and their fans, who are coming in numbers. Should be a great atmosphere , stay behind them For the full game, we are getting some new players soon to improve the...
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    Boro pull out of Larsen deal

    Muniz , Ampadu and a CM my guess. No idea really , I trust CW to choose wisely.
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    Boro pull out of Larsen deal

    Groningen will be sick as when they see who we get instead .Plenty more Strands in the sea .
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    Boro managers DO NOT chuck the cups away

    Tonight showed the weakness in the squad. We finished with our best 2 strikers available in Akpom and Forss. Leeds away would have been a money spinner, TV guaranteed , 10,000 away fans, big opportunity missed. It is what it is, the squad needs beefing up which we all know. We need 4 1st team...
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    Transfers - Speculate to Accumulate.......?

    We should buy young up coming players , and should have a list already , and pick up some astute bargains that CW rates . Not happy spending £12m on one player , £8m Larsen £6m Greaves , but it’s not my cash so I will let SG decide . I thought we had a new scouting plan in place to pick up...
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    Where's good to go out in town on a Thursday night?

    My lad goes to empire on a Thursday , said it’s busy and cheaper than normal
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    Gut feel - which midfielders will we get?

    Mowatt would be good
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    If you could poach any other player in the championship

    Piroe at the right price - £8m
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    The three in midfield

    The problem v QPR was lack of awareness from numerous players leaving the defence unprotected . One should sit in front of the back 3 at all times .Also why back off ? Dijksteel and Jones were wrong side of Willock but we still had Lemaghan and Bola between the goal and him . Dijksteel and Bola...
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    More signings needed, but...

    We lack height in the group, Maddo constantly mentioned how they had 4 players 6ft 4in and we had 1 in Crooks. It needs addresssing or we will get bullied .
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    This new signing

    I have a feeling we WILL of heard of him
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    This new signing

    My theory is we wanted Larsen and agreed a deal , but Groningen got greedy , another couple of names were suggested , and CW was , in his own words ‘ like a kid in a sweet shop ‘ How about ‘A ‘ Chris ? - CW-Yes I will have him 👍 Or How about ‘B’ Chris ? Would you prefer him ? CW - I will have...
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    Buy Gyokeres for any price?

    Well done Ash88 , I get your drift,it's a risk if we sign Cole Stockton , Ross Stewart and Ryan Hardie in the end, obviously I would prefer any from Piroe , Gyokores , Riis, but maybe cheaper ones will work .Also , we seem to be going for top end loans in Armstrong and Muniz, which i will be...
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    On the Way to a 25 Man Squad

    Deal Fry Centre forward ! It worked with Hickton !
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    McAtee loaned to Sheff UTD

    Nahuel Bustos and Morgan Rogers would be my choices from Man City