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  1. Wistow_Red

    West Ham selling their kit without sponsor

    If I'm looking at their website correctly it appears West Ham offer their shirt without the Betway logo on it (their appears to be a separate link for the juniors shirt). Definitely something we should be offering and would probably see more shirts shifted...
  2. Wistow_Red

    Tui close to going bust? - A Rumour

    So I've been informed by a reliable source in the aviation industry. Which is a pain as I'm supposed to be going on holiday with them next Wednesday.
  3. Wistow_Red

    Jonny Howson

    A lot of threads on Tav tonight and justified in a lot of ways but I just wanted to give recognition to Jonny Howson. He was absolutely immense tonight both defensively and going forward. He's just a class act the way he reads the game, moves the ball about and carries the ball forward. For me...
  4. Wistow_Red

    Wigan and Sheff Wed to be deducted points next season

    According to this Link