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    Just found this fact and I found it surprising......

    1% of UK land is used for housing 2.5% is used for golf courses, park, sports field etc. I am not making any sort of statement- just saying I am surprised at this because I thought that because of our population growth there would have been more land needed for housing.
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    There is talk on various platforms about civil disobedience..............

    ................. what would this entail?
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    What was today's attendance please.

    The ground looked quite full to me from the East Stand but my mate watched it on TV thinks there were a lot of empty seats
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    Who said there were no jobs??

    Scraping the bottom now
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    Should it be a legal obligation to tell the truth as a politician?

    I remember when Blair tried to legislate for newspapers to tell the truth but this was watered down so that newspapers could tell blatant lies and express it as "opinion"
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    Make yer minds up................
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    Season cards arrived today.
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    Please can we get rid of these cruel, shameless, self serving, pompous bstds............

    .....and do what the French did. No one can tell me that they are value for our money.
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    12% of people actually believe a fake Tory candidate of leader exists

    ....and these people are allowed to vote for our next PM for fks sake.
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    Liz Truss registered her website 2 months ago..........

    So her and Sunak were quietly stabbing Johnson in the back even then............. which for me, that's fine but who could trust these now? Forget I asked that question, they all trusted Johnson didn't they...
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    Handy Andy in the news again...........

    more witnesses come forward
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    At last- a Labour party policy-and it sounds good to me

    NHS equivalent of Care Services.
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    It is confirmed then- the royals really do see any bills before they are enacted

    to make sure that they can keep on screwing the taxpayer
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    And now doctors threaten to strike.

    Bluddy hell Tories, you certainly know how to get peoples backs up don't you?
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    Red Wall Tories defecting to Labour

    Fk them- how could Labour trust them? They have supported the clown up to now and now when they look like losing their seats they want to jump ship. The worrying bit is that Labour are likely to accept them, even welcome them into the party. We can do without these sort of people...
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    And now we have polio to contend with......

    It has always been said that the old ones are the best. What with rickets and malnutrition making a comeback and reduced life expectancy we now have polio on the loose. Good old Tories and their Victorian values...
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    Tories reduce army strength even further.....

    It is what Tories are good at- cut, cut, cut, How on earth can we defend ourselves with such a small force.
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    What's the most desperate thing you have done when you have been in pain

    Flipping heck- ouch
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    I saw this in the Independent just now and I wondered............. long did the bankers have to go on strike for to get this deal? The Conservative Party announced today that they were looking at removing the cap on bankers' bonuses that limits bonuses to 100% of basic salary (or double if shareholders explicitly give permission). At...
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    Went to the club shop yesterday.................

    ...............and bought my first grandson his Boro tops, rompers, tee shirts, shorts ready for when he is born in October. Well, got to start off right haven't we. UTMB