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    Ryan Nyambe

    Report he might be signing. Another Right back?
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    Dael Fry

    Personally I rate him very highly, with his best years ahead of him and hopefully he will remain at Boro for a long time. I was reading a tweet from the fulham chairman stating they have been looking for centrebacks and a couple of their targets got covid. I dug up this article and wondered if...
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    MFC Streaming

    If I purchase the stream for Saturdays away game through mfc app do Boro get the % or QPR as the home team?
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    I see Pirlo has gone back to Juventus as under 23 manager. Now, I am not suggesting he should be ours but surely it would be a good idea to do a bit of continuity planning and get someone into the club with a view to taking things on when Warnock leaves. They tend to plan these things in Germany...
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    Internet Network issue

    Wonder if anyone can help. My ipad will connect to my Virgin router but there is no internet connection. I plugged our netgear extender in, connected it to the router and my ipad will connect to that and give me an internet connection. Ive been in ipad settings and changed from router to...