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    Press Conference

    What times the press conference today do we know? Going to be interesting I imagine.
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    QPR Tickets?

    Anyone know when tickets will be on sale for this?
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    Just watched his pre match presser. Looks like he's leaving Blackburn, partly due to missing his family and partly due to there being no contract on offer. Now if Wilder does decide to go to Burnley I know I would be looking.
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    FAO Rob - Tickets for tonight - ignore, back on sale

    Hi Rob It seems noone at the club is bothered about selling tickets for tonight's game. Could you ask them why there's no tickets on sale @fmttmadmin ?
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    Crowd for tonight?

    My guess:24500
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    Boro Vs Life

    Our unexpected surge in league and cup is complicating my life. I have a stag do 9 April (Hull) with the associated wedding on 7 May(Preston). And I go on holiday Easter Monday(Huddersfield). If we beat Chelsea I wonder when Bournemouth and Huddersfield will be rearranged for? It would be a...
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    Parking Sheff Utd

    There's a good Car Park at The Moor. If you put SUFCDAY in the discount code box on APCOA website it's only £5. Quite handy for walking to the ground and half decent getting away after the match.
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    Season Card renewals

    Anyone know when the club are thinking of sending them for next season? Wondering where to sit now my son is getting more of a teenager and his love of the atmosphere in the South Stand.
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    Stop it Boro!

    Once again my good intentions of not going to an away game ruined by a fantastic performance. Tickets for Bristol and hotel just booked. When will I get some willpower?
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    Form tables

    Whichever of the tables in here you look at we are doing well. The best bit is the teams we have played have been top end - averaging 1.5 PPG. The QPR game promises to be a humdinger.
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    Press Conference - Rob

    Hi Rob, Assume there is a presser this morning. No word on the game being in any danger? Reading would be most at risk I guess.
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    Attendances - some strange ones

    I noticed last week the Spurs v Liverpool game had a crowd of 45k. Noticed yesterday the Brighton and West Ham grounds looked to have loads of spaces. I wonder if certain clubs that rely on tourists or where people will have gone home for Xmas will see really low crowds the next few weeks...
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    Wilder getting a grip

    Strange noone seems to have picked up on this article. Wilder really does seem to be working hard to turn things around. The more he says the more you wonder how slapdash the approach to things has been. It might take a while but hopefully he can turn us into a professional outfit and get us...
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    Bola's charge

    Forgot about this. I see he's requested a personal hearing and admitted the offense. I wonder what will happen.
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    Excited for the match tomorrow

    The first half on Saturday was by the best football we've played in a long while. Hopefully another step forward tomorrow. If Dijksteel is fit enough I wonder if it might be four at the back. Daniels Bola McNair Bamba Dijksteel Crooks Tav Howson Jones Watmore Sprorar if fit
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    Frankie Hunter

    Frankie was mentioned on a thread a week or two ago. Noticed she was back with first team in video today. Hopefully part of a more professional approach to warm ups and fitness.
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    Press Conference?

    When is the pre match press conference today? Strange not to have heard anything yet? Have they gone down early as it's a lunch time kick off?
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    Just read his interview from the Hartlepool Mail. I wonder why we were so keen for him to leave. Was it money or personal? He lays bare that Warnock wasn't involved. Mentions a new direction and the DoF. Interesting stuff.
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    Guess the player

    Who have the Boro blurred out here? Has to be a signing or someone training with us that hasn't been revealed?
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    Fulham game

    Tickets for home fans on sale tomorrow. Hopefully we will find out soon if we will be allowed any tickets. Fingers crossed.