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    Jack Monroe Tweet

  2. Lifelonfaninexile

    Declan Rice.

    Absolute w@nkfest going on about the payer being out for 2 games. The coverage and "HEADLINES" ridiculous. BREAKING NEWS ............... Thought the Queen had died with the gravity of the reporting. Typical WHU media darlings.
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    Pallet Furniture

    Has anybody had any dealings with Pallet Furniture U.K. based in Tyneside? Stuff looks good value but 0 reviews even after a bit of searching. Not good value if it never arrives.
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    Sack Bruce

    No, not the gnarled guy currently running the barcodes, Fiona "Adolf" Bruce. Since she has taken the chair on Q.T. it has become farce. All Tories get a free ride and are never required to actually answer anything. Meanwhile, anyone venturing an alternative to the prescribed narrative is not...
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    Yarm Hamper

    Hi Chaps, I know now I have left this late, but does anybody know a company who can deliver a gift hamper locally? (Yarm)
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    Anyone up in this neck of the woods?
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    Geoff Hurst - Disgracefull

    Geoff, someone who I would guess we all respected, plummeted in my estimation this morning. On radio 4, ostensibly to talk about the many incidents of dementia in footballers, used the platform to constantly push "smart meters". Profiteering of the worst order.
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    New I Phone

    Coming under pressure from young un to get the new I phone,for her not me, apparently just about to be released. Before I get bogged down in all the sales jargon and "package this" and "package that". Anybody in the know with some guidance?
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    Riverside for Reading game

    Anybody on here go? Incidentally, does it it seem nonsensical to allow fans in the lounges but not let them be out in the open air watching the game.
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    Well Done Van The Man Van Morrison telling it like it is.(y)
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    Real Madrid

    As Real Madrid are due to play Man City on Friday 7th how are they going to "self isolate" for 14 days prior? Anyone coming to Britain from Spain has to do this isolation. I assume the usual "rules are just for normal people" will apply.
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    Knock me down with a feather

    Who would have thought it? Full backs playing at full back. Centre halves playing as centre halves. Midfielders playing in midfield. Two "up top". Radical, I know, but blow me down it worked!
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    Well done referee

    Take your lap of honour in your red and white striped shirt, you c@@t
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    New Air Destination from Teesside Airport

    Initially 2 and then 3 flights a week to Newquay. Anyone for surfing?
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    Mister Shifter

    Mister Shifter of Middlesbrough has just gone past my window. Anybody know anyone who has decided to move to the lovely city of Chester?