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  1. festa5

    Comedy/flukey Boro goals

    For or against. There have obviously been a fair few over the years. One that springs to mind whenever I think of Steve Bruce is our 5th goal in a 5-3 win v Birmingham. Fitting end to a crazy game where both teams apparently forgot how to defend. Bruce's reaction sums it up perfectly.
  2. festa5

    Name a nationality who has played for boro

    We've had a lot Don't think we've had a Slovenian before? Definitely not a Cuban so two new ones. How many do we think as many as 50? One nationality per post, see how many we get? Anyway I'll go for Luxembourg - Mahmoutovic.
  3. festa5

    BBC website report

    Usual high standard. Starts of by referring to us as the home side, but then follows up with this this beauty: "Reading came into the game with an inconsistent record against Boro, having lost seven of their previous eight league meetings with the Teesside club." Not sure about anyone else...
  4. festa5

    Head of government legal department quits

    Another one bites the dust Not happy with the proposed changes to withdrawal agreement. That's another very capable experienced senior civil servant who can't work with this government.
  5. festa5

    Credit to the players

    Yes, Warnock is quite rightly getting the plaudits. And yes, the players are responsible for where we were in the first place. But still, I think some credit is due to the ones still here at the end of the season. They were down and out. By Warnock's own admission he didn't have much time to...
  6. festa5

    Warnock's Last Dance

    Made me chuckle anyway.
  7. festa5

    Does anyone really care about blue passports?

    I don't get it? I suppose I can see the point that it's symbolic to a degree. But it's something the majority of people will use once or twice a year max. It's not unique either, loads of countries have blue passports. The fanfare that the government and idiots like Farage seem to think it...