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    Aaron Connolly

    All those that rated him and thought he was a hard worker etc, hands up. (bit of a d*ck aswell really wasn't he if honest) Easy in hindsight, but was clear as day from the start, don't make the same mistake again. I'll give my scouting report after first few games and let yooooooooz know like!
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    Daniels, Balogun, Watmore for rest of season

    Start the best two strikers ffs
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    Hull support today

    Couldn't sell out for a short journey! Feels like they are shrinking back to their historical 3rd division status. Pretty tame bunch aswell those that came. They actually sang the 'mauled by the tigers' chant, I thought that was a joke one 😂
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    Awful support today

    If you came as a jonny one game fan, boring. If you came as a regular even more boring. Big day out for a few and more quiet than usual! If you came in the south stand and didnt sing, give your head a shake.
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    Gibson masks vs Derby?

    Are red faction still going ahead with this and putting a Gibson mask on every seat before the game? Would be class that, would definitely send a donation to help.
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    Atmosphere was shocking today

    Not sure why 3k travelled if not interested. Clearly too much for some. Thought Reading was bad enough.
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    Boro tickets needed from this season for collection

    I need the following from this season. Bishop Auckland Away Friendly York City Away Friendly (I know was home only but saw a few sneaky peeps get in :) Blackpool Away Cup QPR Home League Sheffield United Home League Cheers
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    Vs Fulham (what we learnt) 08/08/21

    Lumley is average at best Ikpeazu is gash EBola is finally credible Warnock is well up for this battle Tav should play every minute (when fit) Decent walk down by the river Real result: Fulham 1.05 Boro 0.60 Reflection: Boro fairly lucky See you next week
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    Wanted 1 Fulham ticket

    First one I missed out on (other than Eindhoven) my fault, had a BT engineer come round at bang on 3pm and I was logged in from 2.30pm onwards! He was a mackem aswell, not sure what that means! :D Cheers
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    Ole Ole Ole Ole, Crooks-inho oh oh

    Stuani on steroids?
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    Season Ticket Refunds

    Assuming there will be no fans at games all season (looks pretty likely). Are the club set to refund season ticket holders who have paid up? Not seen anything mentioned about it.
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    Was there a mortgage adviser on here? Weegord or something?

    Please give me a shout if it was you, I saw someone who worked in the industry providing decent advice on here.
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    Wanted: Tickets from Swansea H, Stoke A and Hull A

    If anyone has any of the 'returned ticket stubs available' from the post corona games I would be interested in buying them please. Pleae email me at if you hae any of thes or other boro ticket stubs [^]
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    Wanted Ticket Stubs (Home/Away, all comps 1876 to present)

    Looking to hammer down my collection of ticket stubs from the riverside era, if anyone can help me with the tickets below I would be willing to buy them, thanks for the help as always: 29/07/1995 Rottnerosik Away 30/07/1995 IF Ornen Away 01/08/1995 Kongsvinger Away 02/08/1995...
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    Wanted UEFA Cup Double Scarves

    Hopefully you have a few needing a home after a loft clearout! Im willing to buy any of the double scarves from 2004-2006 that are not in my pictures attached. Would also be interested in cup final scarves from the years aswell.
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    Anybody got a Tuncay shirt?

    Working for a Turkish firm (fenerbache fan) would make his day, will pay fair price for it, doesnt have to be signed just name on the back.
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    New Laptop Advice

    I currently have a Dell 2 in 1 XPS 12 with I7, 8gb, 256gb. I have had this for 6 years and it has been excellent, so fast and compact whilst also being able to power up to 2 external screens. I trade for a living so need multiple tabs (sometimes 50 etc) I also work a lot on the move so want it...
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    Resizing of links and pictures on here

    Far too big Rob, have to scroll for hours to get to the bottom of some of these threads (I assumed it would be the opposite as Im getting older and my eyes worse), cheers