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  1. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Morrissey at The Globe

    Tickets are / were on sale this morning for 7 October. I don't think I'd go see him now though I was intrigued, but not at £55 to stand. Plus, reading the small print a service charge on top. But checking just now, looks like there's only the £84 seating left. I assume for that price you get to...
  2. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    The Sky 15 minute highlights, commentator

    Referred to Jones as Isiah Osbourne through the first half. Referred to him as Jones in the second. When Tav missed in the second it was "very close there from James Tavernier". Blimey. :(
  3. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Merson on Soccer Saturday

    Just talking about Harry Kane and whether he'll move, and saying he'll have to think about and consult his family. Which then moved sideways to "I got divorced...I could only see the kids on certain days...I shouldn't have gone to Middles-bor-ough - no disrespect, but it was completely selfish...
  4. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Mark Viduka (!) on Sky Sports this morning

    Hour long interview with Paul Robinson talking about his career. Well worth catching if its available. For me, one of the greatest and simultaneously frustrating players who ever pulled on a Boro shirt. He's lived in Croatia for five years, Australia and London before that. An interesting hour...
  5. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Football League Review 1968 - a touching story.

    Wonder if she still goes?
  6. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    David Wheater

    No, not advocating that we bring him back, though he is apparently back in the North East. But while idly watching Soccer Saturday the other day and mentioning Oldham, I was wondering whether he was still there. He is, but... apparently he triggered a contract extension and was promptly told...
  7. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    LASK v Spurs, Europa League

    Alerted to this by a mate who was watching it, and I haven't seen any other mention of it so apologies if it's been mentioned before - but LASK have someone interesting as their assistant manager. Bet he gets his first top gig here!
  8. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Dr Judith and Bill Gates - concussion

    Didn't realise that poor Bill had dementia. Article in today's Guardian about concussion and football - his wife Dr Judith is leading a campaign to further investigate the links between heading the ball and issues later in life...
  9. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Tame Nostalgia from 1977

    These came up on Twitter this morning. What a time we lived in - not a single foreign manager, unless you count Sammy Chung (age unknown) and Gordon Lee (the undead from Transylvania). You can't imagine Abramovich demanding "get me Ken Shellito!!"
  10. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Anyone notice Pointless last night?

    Category - words with a double "D" in them. "This football team is based on Teesside and plays at the Riverside Stadium." Answer given: Deesside :LOL::unsure:
  11. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Are kit manufacturers taking the urine?

    These are monstrosities. The current trend seems to be individual shirts subtly different to each other. No doubt they'll sell like hot cakes.
  12. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Now there's a name I haven't heard in a few years - Mustapha Carayol
  13. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Nice little video about 66, North Korea and all that.

    You have to ignore the spelling of Middlesbrough and Ayusome Park.
  14. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Good old Charlie Amer

    Just been posted on Twitter. "BIRCH 'EM!"
  15. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Woodgate's Wikipedia Page

    Vandalism, or optimism? :LOL: