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    Dover Ferries : Long Delays

    Hmm I better recheck my travel Insurance . Two weekend trips in the coming months, will they have sorted it by them? Apparently there is not full staffing at French passport controls in Dover. They will probably blame us, sound familiar(Paris)?
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    Money / Legal advice please

    If you try and remove funds and hide them away, gift to the grandkids etc it will be classed as deprivation of assets as previously mentioned. You will have to pay for her care until I believe £20k remains, the council will then pick up the bill. The council have the ability to check all...
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    Stenson stripped of Ryder Cup Captaincy

    Shame , but understandable. The golf governing bodies tying to hold on to their manopolies here and abroad.
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    England v South Africa at Durham

    What a scrorcher, luckily had my hat and frozen bottles of water. Was sat in the North Terrace, sun all day, with my bro -inlaw. Shame about the result, but work in progress. Hats off (only for a brief moment), to the Trumpeteer entertaining us and the mfc red army suporters.
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    Ben Stokes

    I am looking forward to seeing him going out in style. Park and Ride for me , believe issues with NE trains.
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    Employ This Man at Hurworth

    We have one on the bench, Leo!
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    Revisiting old LPs

    It's a funny old world isn't it. Plugged in my the old B&O Beomaster 1200 and did exactly the same just recently. I know the the misses threw out a lot, but have a few to bring back memories. Free Story, Wishbone Ash Live Dates, Blind Faith and a bit of Ten.Years.After. Running a tad slow on...
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    Appleby horse fair and travellers

    The Triumph Motorcycle Factory had a visit by 'Travellers' prior to our bike clubs AGM last year. They illegally parked up in the visitors car park overnight and filled it and refused to move on. Our meeting was cancelled by phone call on the evening prior. The solution was to block the...
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    2nd Test Eng v NZ

    Great Stuff! Went down for day 3&4 as my bro in-law's friend decided to stay longer on his holidays abroad. So purchaseed his hotel room and tickets. We had to get back today so missed seeing it unfold but knew their threat was Boult ,see him and the new ball off and we had a chance. Really...
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    Teesside Airshow… more like Teesside **** Show

    I applied to display a classic motorbike in the show, they didn't even have the courtesy to say they were full. Just left me wondering for months, either that or the tickets have gone awry. I am not surprised the roads were gridlocked early today if that is any indication of how it is being ran...
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    2nd Test Eng v NZ

    Not the time for my TV to play up(switching itself on and off, I kid you not) and the HDMI cable plug for the set top box which is buried in the wall has pulled off. Still got tickets for Sunday and Monday :-)
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    Timmy Ho coming to Teesside

    More junk food and rubbish to collect, just what we need.
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    78 years ago today

    Without their sacrifices and of those before, what sort of a world would there be now.R.I.P and thank you. Some of our current crop of leaders really want to take a long hard look at themselves.
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    Dead crabs and dredging

    It's all very interesting stuff, and like most people are upset at any pollution incidents. Are we talking about a one off incident here? I'm assuming dredging has continued and there has been no repeat of the killing of these bottom dwellers. It wouldn't take much to take a few samples and have...
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    Anderson and Broad......

    So looking forward to tomorrow........
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    The Jubilee

    I think that this annniversary has come at a really good time for the country. It gives some of us, the excuse, to have a right old knees up. It also allows the rest to have something more to whinge at or ignore. A dsitraction if you like. I know after two+ years of everyone's health being under...
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    Big problems at some airports

    Flew out from Newcastle with Jet2 last Sunday early evening to Lanzarote. We had one of their Indulgence Escapes Holidays and were fast tracked through check in. The q's were long for those not as fortunate as us. Flight delayed 3/4 hour, no reason given. Flight back home on time and only delays...
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    City Game

    We used to describe teams behaving like this as having a 'latin temprement'. AM were mostly a bloody discrace. I think the ref was to blame for not cracking down and bottled it. The AM players were intimidating the ref and knew they could do what they liked.