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  1. Teesste

    Burnley new signing video

    🤯🤯 people actually get paid to think this stuff up 😂
  2. Teesste

    Live Footage of Court Sentencing

    Watching the first live British Court Sentencing on Sky News now.. 25 year old lad who killed his grandfather. Judge is currently summing up before delivering her sentence and is giving a brutal explanation of the lads past and how he murdered his Grandfather. Fairly explicit and horrific stuff.
  3. Teesste

    Walk Out Jackets

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned but I have just been having a browse through the online shop on the MFC website and noticed we are selling a 'walk out jacket' which I assume is what the team will wear as they walk out and line up at the start of each game. Never quite understood...
  4. Teesste

    Dwight Gayle to Stoke confirmed

  5. Teesste

    Squad Numbers Released Still a few spaces to be filled it seems!
  6. Teesste

    Found out new Striker: William Akio

    And with finishing skills like this I think he will fit in perfectly!
  7. Teesste

    Johnson sacks Gove!

    What a day!!
  8. Teesste

    Start at home to WBA
  9. Teesste

    Pre Season Training has begun

    A few pics of some of the first team squad back at it, including Payero. Also a glimpse at some of the new training kit.
  10. Teesste

    Tav, Isiah Jones & Uche all in Dubai

    Just noticed a video on Uche’s Instagram story and the 3 of them are over in Dubai. Well earned break.. hopefully they come back refreshed and ready to go for one last push (and Uche scores a few for Cardiff against our play off rivals)
  11. Teesste

    Bamford off injured again

    Pictured in tears after hobbling off injured once again. He’s had absolutely no luck this season. Gutted for him as there’s clearly a top player in there as well as a decent bloke
  12. Teesste

    For one night only: Middlesbrough FC. The biggest supported club in the world!

    Surely after the pathetic way Chelsea have gone about their business today, there will not be a football fan on the planet (with the exception of the Chelsea fans... oh and maybe the Derby lot) who won't want us to royally stuff Chelsea on Saturday! Here's hoping the players can feed off the...
  13. Teesste

    Middlehaven Lounge

    Does anyone know what the deal was for the Middlehaven Lounge for the Spurs game? It's usually pretty good value for league games in there (£55 adults £35 kids) and i'm contemplating taking the family in there for the Chelsea game if they don't crank the prices up. (couldn't really blame them if...
  14. Teesste

    Derby Deadline Day.. so it was all Gibbo's fault after all.. or was it!?? Despite the delays all being the fault of our very own Devil in disguise Steve Gibson it seems Derby are still dragging their heels to produce the required funds and announce a preferred bidder.
  15. Teesste

    Geordie Taunting Jordan Pickford last night!

    Fair play to this Geordie fan for taking the Jordan Pickford baiting to another level by turning up at the match last night in a dinosaur costume!! 😂
  16. Teesste

    Johnson cancels visit due to 'family member testing positive for Covid!'

    What terrible timing! Almost unbelievable 🤔 Surely he was keen to be out and about in public after such a good few days for him!
  17. Teesste

    Where was Aaron Connolly?

    Apologies if i've missed an earlier post but was there any reason Connolly was missing at the weekend? Wilder had hinted that he would be involved beforehand although did suggest that they had to be careful with him due to a lack of recent game time.
  18. Teesste

    Eddie Howe coming in

    .. not really but it would be funny wouldn’t it. 😂
  19. Teesste

    Covid: still testing positive 8 days in

    8 days into my 10 days of isolation and I’m still testing positive. I’m assuming if I’m still testing positive (without a high temperature) come Friday when I can go out again I just crack on with life as normal as I won’t be contagious!? There doesn’t seem to be much said about this anywhere...
  20. Teesste

    Payero deal officially done