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    According to the EG report, he made a strong case tonight to be Djed Spence's replacement. And Tav is a winger apparently.
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    To 'sack off'

    When did 'to sack off' become a normal turn of phrase and from where does it originate? I can't ever remember using it growing up and I don't really like it to be honest.
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    Crying with laughter emoji 😂

    Ok when used as a response or reaction, but in my opinion are used too often in actual posts. It's like laughing the loudest at your own joke.
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    If Robbo had said no in '94

    Who was Gibbo's plan B? Souness?
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    Inside Matchday Millwall - George Saville

    Just watched it. At the end it looks like Saville is applauding the Boro fans. Does anyone know, was that spontaneous or was he reacting to them singing his name or something?
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    Fair play but a bit late now

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    Watford - a mental stat

    Their last 6 away wins have all been under different managers.
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    Antonio Conte

    Loves the Boro
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    Chris McCausland

    A funny guy.
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    Wild? I was absolutely livid!

    One of the best comedy lines ever 🙂
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    Sammy Ameobi
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    Arbroath are top of the Scottish Championship at the halfway stage. Whatever happens from now that's some achievement from the part-timers 👍 Although their stadium probably prohibits them playing in the Scottish Prem anyway.
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    The McDonald's xmas advert

    The McDonald's xmas advert is a better example of a John Lewis xmas advert than the John Lewis xmas advert.
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    FA Cup draw, remember when.....

    ....they had to start it again because we were drawn out twice? I think we had been allocated 2 numbers, something to do with a mix-up with the 'practice draw' beforehand. Late 70s / Early 80s?
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    Team starts with only 9 players in Portuguese top flight

    2 keepers. No subs.
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    Boro v Liverpool 96/97

    Just watched highlights of the 3-3 Ravanelli game. Is this a young Steven Gerrard amongst the Liverpool fans celebrating Fowler's goal?
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    Highlights of Boro's first major trophy (in the professional era. Second if you count the Anglo-Scottish as major)

    (Well it's as relevant as the 1969 Inter-cities Fairs Cup)
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    Clayton Blackmore was fighting Bez on Saturday
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    Unofficial units of measurement

    Football pitch London bus Wales To the moon and back Belgium Times around the world Small deer
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    First two games

    No team has won their first two games in the Championship this season. I bet that doesn't happen very often.