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    Up to his old tricks
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    Help needed re. Headingley Test

    Myself and 4 mates are going to the Saturday of the Headingley Test from Doncaster. Obviously there is the proposed rail strike so we are thinking of driving there. Does anyone know where the nearest car park is? I have Googled it but the results are not very helpful.
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    Boris Johnson

    Or is it?
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    Bullet Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    I have just got one as an early 50th present (not until October if you want to get me a card :):)) What is the best fuel to get for it? I have read that you need hardwood pellets but then I have read that softwood pellets are just as good. Any help welcome.
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    Kier Starmer again!!

    Plans to have a Xmas party then cancels it!! What next? Nearly parking in a parent and child space and then reversing when he realises he can't He must go!!
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    Idiot Newcastle fan

    Urinates on Bob Stokoe's statue not realising that he lifted the FA Cup with them as a player!! Link
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    A snippet from Matt Hancock's memoirs

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    Government broke the law on Care Homes

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    Council tax refund

    Just got ours back today
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    April Fools jokes in the media

    I have just read the Guardian one but what others are out there. I saw a clip on Twitter of Laura Tobin apparently dropping a rare plant on GMB and Rory Stewart tweeted that he was joining Boris Johnson as his press officer.
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    Not posted this link for a couple of years

    Championship Predictor Fishy
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    Advice on trainers rubbing

    I bought these trainers before Xmas in an attempt to get back into running. I went out in them and they rubbed against one of my heels giving me a blister. I thought all I would need to do was to break them in they would become supple. The problem is is that on the heel at the top there is a...
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    Your Soccer Six

    Choose your Soccer Six Boro team from players you have seen live. Schwarzer Pallister Southgate Juninho Mendieta Viduka
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    Masters football

    Coming back Masters football
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    Just watching our penalty shoot out win against Man Utd...

    One player didn't run to congratulate Mejias but shook hands with their players. Who was it?
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    We have had the Championship's biggest crowd of the season

    Boxing Day v Forest. I did not know that.
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    Bacon Bubble

    Not sure if this has been posted before Bacon Bubble
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    Is the Utd game on TV?

    Struggling to find any threads on it.
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    Todays Wordle