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    That new era at old Trafford - now de jong to Chelsea !!!

    I don't believe Erikson was signed as a first team player, let alone a false 9. Their recruitment has been awful as usual but the days of competing with top clubs for signings are over. It's hilarious to watch.
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    Tory Party Members Want Big Tax Cuts and No Increased Funding to the NHS

    A jaded, out of touch view of a country from their youth which never actually existed, and racism.
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    QPR view & Predictions

    Bit of an unknown quantity this season (aren't they always?!) Beale seems a promising appointment, had success elsewhere as an assistant. Their signings haven't been great though. Keeping Chair quiet will be key, he's an excellent footballer at this level and could comfortably operate in a...
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    An upgrade on Howson in my view. Won't get all over the field like Howson but better defensively and without the ball. Real workhorse who won't give the opposition midfield a second. Should allow the two either side licence to support attacks more as well, although they're arguably positions...
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    Christian Burgess

    Sounds fantastic! Definitely need to sort a weekend in Belgium, bonus that everything is so close and trains so good - could theoretically fit a few games in. Oostende looks good too, coastal town with Belgian beers on tap, what's not to like?!
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    Commonwealth Games Birmingham

    Nice, there on Saturday for Boxing and Beach Volleyball. I've missed most of the action so far but was blown away by the 3 x 3 finals last night. What a sport! England beating the Aussies to gold with an audacious 2-pointer was excellent too.
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    How many new signings before the QPR game ?

    It's the commercial v the sporting side in action isn't it. Signing players will inevitably cost more than hours before the window shuts (many of the reasons have been discussed above). I'm sure one of the main conversations around Rockcliffe currently regards "getting to the end of the...
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    Christian Burgess

    Yep, won the league but not the Champions, I see Belgium have opted for the bizarre Hockey style post-season Championship play off, which was won last season by the boys from Brugge. Incidentally has anyone been to watch Union SG? Their ground looks incredible, proper old-school stadium...
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    Tory new plan for regional pay deals

    Agree with all of that. At it's heart it's a brazen attempt to save some money and feed the great white elephant which is "the national debt".
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    Tory new plan for regional pay deals

    Isn't this policy suggesting the exact opposite? I read an article in Havard Business Review a while back and it's the approach Google are going for in the states (hence now being picked up in the UK). Effectively people in less advantageous cities/areas can either accept a real-term reduction...
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    The new ITV highlights show

    As ever with these programmes my advice is to record them in order to watch back and skip through anything current which isn't match highlights. I actually have no idea who the "expert" on ITV is (I've not watched it yet) but I'd put solid money on them being an unintelligible moron.
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    Are midfield 'destroyers' required anymore?

    I think he plays more as a number 10. There is definitely a role for a deeper, more protective midfielder in our side. It's just a more active role, rather than simply "sitting in" and protecting the back three. Howson has done well there but I still think we'll sign a replacement this summer...
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    How Happy would you be if our transfer business....

    It's a numbers game for me. Still think we need another seven minimum (2 x CB, 3 x CM and 2 x CF). In terms of the personnel, I'll trust Wilder to bring in sufficient quality.
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    Women's Euros 2022 Thread

    I watch it regularly, love it. He's literally the only person watching who fails to grasp what happened. When intellectual behemoth Martin Keown is having to explain the fundamentals to you, you're having a nightmare :)
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    Propose a Tav replacement

    I would have suggested Joe Rothwell but just realised he's (also) gone to Bournemouth! Will Onomah get much game time at Fulham this season?
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    Women's Euros 2022 Thread

    This perfectly sums up Pearce's contribution to the annals of great commentary. The guy is a cretin of the highest magnitude:
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    West Brom. Here we go again!

    I'd take a point now. West Brom are a decent side and will be challenging imo (as will we).
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    £24 million in, where do we go now?

    We only have four senior centre halves at the club so would ideally want 2 more (2 players for each position). There's a chance Bola is viewed as emergency CB cover but could risk leaving us light at LWB. Wing backs are sorted with Smith joining yesterday. At present the midfield has to pick...
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    Ideal Signings

    Still well off the numbers needed for a competitive squad. Imo we still need two CB, three CM and two CF (if Forss arrives)
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    CW spoke at the Q&A evening

    Whilst the squad will be weaker until he's replaced I'd rather him go now than with hours of the window left. It does however beg the question of whether he was always going to leave this summer and we were just waiting for an appropriate offer or if this Bournemouth deal is out of left field...