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    Confused ......

    ...... by the English language. In some threads it is written that we will resign XXXXX. As in a player who is out of contract, who wants to return. However, if I wanted to get myself out of a work contract, I would resign my position. Assuming I am spelling both words correctly, are there any...
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    Social Media Boycott

    If anyone is following this, does it mean we shouldn't be posting on here ?
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    Irrational fear of lockdown ending

    I know that we are all looking forward to seeing our loved ones and trying to resume our lives. However I have developed a high state of anxiety with regards to work and life after April 12th. I have kept my business ticking over and continuing to trade through lockdown, and most people are...
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    Lockdown thoughts/advice

    I run a kitchen renovation company in the South West and want to ensure that I comply with all of the relevant guidance. Our rate of infection is much lower here than in the rest of the country. I am being strongly encouraged by area management to keep trading through lockdown. I have shut my...
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    Christmas Thread

    Just wanted to wish anyone who is alone or struggling this year, a Happy Christmas. You are not alone as you have a big happy family of Boro fans with you. I am used to having christmas on my own, as my children visit their mother and then come to me on another day. My own family have passed...
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    Christmas Help or support

    Following on from todays announcement. Instead of wallowing in my own self pity, I thought I would try to think of something positive. I believe that it will be hard for people who will be on their own this Christmas, either as a poster on here or a family member of friend of a poster. Is there...
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    Tier 2 Pubs

    I read on the BBC site that those in a tier two area, who want to have alcohol in a pub must have a substantive meal and then leave straight afterwards. As I dont drink alcohol, can I go to the pub and not have a meal and stay for a few hours if I am drinking coke or other soft drinks ? Sorry if...
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    Priorities in a pandemic

    Just saw on the news that there are a number of people who are upset that they can not get their eyebrows sorted. This made me question peoples priorities in terms of the number of people who are really struggling to work, eat and live during these troubled times. For me, I am trying to support...
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    Team Players - Summer

    Do the players get a summer break this year. I think given the disruption and the poor performance they should be straight back in training, so that they are both fit and working on their technical elements.
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    Old Board Security warning

    Is anyone else having trouble accessing the old board, Mine says it is not secure and someone is trying to redirect me. Don't look at it much, but thought I should raise the issue.