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  1. Carlos Fandango

    Live Osprey Cam
  2. Carlos Fandango

    Liverpool and Wolves matches postponed

    I think a lot more will follow suit.
  3. Carlos Fandango

    Kitchen Worktops

    I'm looking at replacing the worktops in the kitchen. Can anybody recommend a reliable kitchen fitter. If anyone has had any work done recently and can recommend someone, or maybe anyone to avoid. Thanks in advance.
  4. Carlos Fandango

    Boro Ladies, great free kick

    Great hit.
  5. Carlos Fandango

    Miss of the season

    Absolute shocker (1.30).
  6. Carlos Fandango

    New mass vaccination centre to open.

    Surely the Riverside would be a more central location.
  7. Carlos Fandango

    Nasa Mars rover. Perseverance lands today.

    Let's hope for a safe landing.
  8. Carlos Fandango

    EU double standards on travel restrictions
  9. Carlos Fandango

    Another bent copper

    Cheap doughnuts, you couldn't make it up.
  10. Carlos Fandango

    Your favourite opening film scene

  11. Carlos Fandango

    Picture of the day
  12. Carlos Fandango

    National Lockdown from Wednesday

    Just heard this on BBC 5live Source- The Times
  13. Carlos Fandango

    Great sportsmanship

    Always nice to see.
  14. Carlos Fandango

    Lost pubs

    How many have you had a pint in? 20 out of 29 for me.
  15. Carlos Fandango

    working stream
  16. Carlos Fandango

    Match stream
  17. Carlos Fandango

    Match stream

    Bottom two links are working
  18. Carlos Fandango

    Free-to-air fixtures

    Norwich v Southampton19 June, 18:00Pick (Freeview channel 11) Bournemouth v Crystal Palace20 June, 19:45BBC One Newcastle v Sheffield United21 June, 14:00Pick (Freeview channel 11) Everton v Liverpool21 June, 19:00Pick (Freeview channel 11) Manchester United v Sheffield United24 June, 18:00Pick...
  19. Carlos Fandango

    Attempted robbery - Eston-under-nab

    Anybody recognise this tosser. I think his dog must be a bit of a give away.
  20. Carlos Fandango

    Corporate Manslaughter

    What is Corporate Manslaughter? The statutory offence of Corporate Manslaughter was brought in to ensure that there were “effective laws in place to prosecute organisations where they have paid scant regard to the proper management of health and safety with fatal results” From the CPS.