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    Post one 80s hit that you can guarantee everyone has forgotten about.

    Possibly. One of my other thoughts was The Firm's Star Trekking but I didn't want to admit I'd bought that.
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    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

    Eggy freshener
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    Excited for what's to come!

    First half alone was worth the admission price. One of the best halves I've seen from the Boro in a few years. Second half less so, but WBA are a big fit team who'll be in the top half this season. With a couple of additions I think there's more to come and feel positive about today's...
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    More positives than negatives for me. We have made some progress but there's still a way to go. Hopefully some more signings will take us on another level.
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    Are we heading for a hose-pipe ban?

    Used to export it to Malta as well.
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    Pubs showing Boro match in Whitby

    I've watched matches in here before. From memory charged a quid or 2 to non-members for entry. Whitby Fishermans Society 01947 600955
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    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

    The Macc Lads
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    Seb Vettell retires

    I hope we hear more of him back inside F1. He's more intelligent than the entire squad running the show at the moment.
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    Electric Car Advice

    Sadly they are also the people least likely to be able to afford a new EV. I get that there's significant potential savings over a number of years but many people drive cheaper second hand cars. I'm not sure what the market's like for second hand EVs but I'm not sure I'd be tempted at the moment...
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    Automatic ban for pitch invaders from next season

    The sniffer dogs could be busy.
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    Oh no it’s French GP time again

    Decent race today, but my main thought from today was will Ferrari ever win another championship? Great car this year, coupled with the least reliable engine and almost certainly the worst strategists in the sport. You can hear the indecision and almost panic over the team radio.
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    Friday beer and music thread

    They were great (as usual). Watching them perform night boat to Cairo live is almost as good as seeing the Human League play being boiled.
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    Friday beer and music thread

    Thanks and Cheers. Enjoy your Friday evening 🍻🍻
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    Friday beer and music thread

    In York to see Madness at the Races. Started off with a Peroni.