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  1. Wilf

    James Grundy MP

    leopards don't change their spots, do they ?
  2. Wilf

    Are you a shower or bath person?

    shower, and twice a year a sauna and a brine bath
  3. Wilf

    What was your first ever Boro home game?

    15th Feb 1977 3-0 win v arsenal
  4. Wilf

    Are we in for a right banjoing tomorrow?

    I doubt it very much - leeds will be as worried about losing as we are - 0-0
  5. Wilf


    oil prices have dropped, shares in airline and travel companys are dropping quicker than a bag of bricks - gold is roaring.
  6. Wilf

    James Grundy MP

    Just the kind of man we want running the country, on the ale and dropping his trolleys to show the wedding tackle to a drunken baying woman. hopefully there are a few more episodes to come. we are in good hands.
  7. Wilf

    Unusual Cover Versions

  8. Wilf

    Big banana skin

    it was never in doubt was it ?
  9. Wilf

    Now we're in the 25th season at the Riverside

    Mannion Park. however, we should have some 25th memorabilia. scarfs pennants, shirts etc
  10. Wilf

    What a vindictive grandmother the Queen is turning out to be.

    rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves.
  11. Wilf

    Woodgate sacked - rumours

    ohhh please, grow up.
  12. Wilf

    Woodgate sacked - rumours

    Woody wont be sacked and nor should he.
  13. Wilf

    Who will sack their manager first - Boro or Almería?

    Woody wont be sacked and nor should he.
  14. Wilf

    Woodgate sacked - rumours

    good rant Coluka. its an angle I suppose, but not a lot of fact in there, just conjecture and self opinion, nothing wrong with that. Now do the list with all the good things the chairman has brought us under his tutelage, just your own conjecture and opinion will do.
  15. Wilf

    Iconic BORO Moments

    Appointing Bob Dennison instead of Bill Shankly
  16. Wilf

    Attendance for Leeds?

  17. Wilf

    Woodgate sacked - rumours

    back woody and we will come through it
  18. Wilf

    Woodgate sacked - rumours

    come on, back the lad and give him a chance
  19. Wilf

    Time now for AJ to stop running and Finally face fury

    AJ should fight Wilder first, cos if he cant beat wilder he isnt going to beat Fury - wilder may not be up to it after his ear damage. blood from an ear isn't a good thing to see, and balance is vital for a pugilist.