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  1. Redwurzel

    Any views on the offside goal and the shot saved by the QPR defender?

    I had a restricted view and have not seen any replays.
  2. Redwurzel

    Channel 4 - Dispatches on Baggage handlers

    No wonder there are problems at airports. The baggage handlers at Manchester Airport get £9.60/hour that is for working through the night such as 3 am. They can get a minimum rate of £10.10 @ LIDL for working fairly normal hours and a 10% staff discount. The employers can't understand why its...
  3. Redwurzel

    Number of WBA fans?

    Looked like 2 full blocks about 1100? My lowish estimate of 1600 looked well out.
  4. Redwurzel

    For Bernard Gent

    RIP From one of those "boys and girls" at AP
  5. Redwurzel

    QPR Tickets

    Approximaltely 460 tickets available on general sale now - all lower tier, but still some decent views. No priority points required. A chance for non season ticket holders to go to a away game that is 3pm not on Sky. Tight enclosed ground, but good for atmosphere. Easy to get to on public...
  6. Redwurzel

    Good News - Ticketing working again

    Morning all - Ticketing on the website seems back to normal :) For today only about 150 tickets left for the South Stand (and its full width corner flag to corner flag) that should be a wall of noise. East Stand - only about 50 tickets left (doesn't show family section though) SW corner -...
  7. Redwurzel

    WBA tickets

    Looks like around only 3,500 home tickets left - could be 27k crowd depending on how many WBA bring, certainly well up on the Bristol City opening game last season (22k)
  8. Redwurzel

    Tommy Smith Signs Seems sensible move. I like how he was a key player when Huddersfield did well in 2017 and that he has been a captain - Warnock and Wilder have hinted at the team lacking natural leaders. Slightly younger version of Peltier?
  9. Redwurzel

    George Miller

    G Miller (ex Boro Forward) is now at Doncaster in Division 2. He scored 12 goals on loan at Walsall last season from Barnsley. Coming up to 24 now. I've had a nibble on him top goalscorer in D2 @ 28/1 Also Sunderland + 18 @ 20/1 handicaps Derby + 6 @ 20/1 handicaps Mansfield 11/1 outright...
  10. Redwurzel

    Blocks 58-64 inclusive

    Seven blocks in the South Stand - all sold out for WBA game - I imagine all STs this season. The new Holgate - 3600? hardcore.
  11. Redwurzel

    Is the Middlesbrough area the hardest place in Britain?

    While posters wait for transfers and info on the new season. I thought I'd ask a random question - Is the Middlesbrough area the hardest in Britain? Based on the daily headlines from the Gazette website of large gangs of postcode fights, mayhem, violent court cases, drugs and sexual abuse...
  12. Redwurzel

    WBA tickets

    Still no information about when home tickets for WBA game go on sale. 12 days to kick off. I thought there would have been an annoucement this morning. The Marseille tickets were announced several weeks in advance weren't they?
  13. Redwurzel

    WBA tickets

    Still no information about when home tickets for WBA game go on sale. 12 days to kick off. I thought there would have been an annoucement this morning. The Marseille tickets were announced several weeks in advance weren't they?
  14. Redwurzel

    Letter from Chris Wilder

    I see fans getting a new ST card receive a nice letter from CW with the card thanking them for their support. Nice gesture by the Club.
  15. Redwurzel

    Boro fans @ Braga Are there more Boro fans at this fairly meaningless friendly in a fairly remote part of Portugal that some Championship teams bring to the Riverside for a league game? Pleasing to see a young man with what appears to be Downs Syndrome...
  16. Redwurzel

    Woman and her dog in Redcar surviving on hoops

    BBC Newsnight guest from a posh charity just said in an interview she spoke to a woman from Redcar, who was surviving on tins of spagetti hoops, that were feeding her and her dog. The programme went to Dorset where many young families were using food banks, the problem was that their income was...
  17. Redwurzel

    Marseille tickets

    This is probably not the right forum for this message, but if anyone has not been to the Riverside, say young uns or visitors to the area, this game is a chance to go to a game for a low price. £10 for adults and £5 for concessions - its cheaper than the cinema and cheaper than non league...
  18. Redwurzel

    Elvis Film

    Watched it late tonight at my local Multiplex. Quite moving film. Quite long as well, seemed to be close to 3 hours with intros. Lots of quick flash backs and short clips for the early years which keeps you a wake, but can be confusing and you feel not sure what is going on at times. Maybe...
  19. Redwurzel

    Boro's promotion odds awfully short

    Best odds available for promotion is 3/1 i.e. 25% chance of promotion. Some bookies have us clear third favs, despite many other teams (at least 5) having parachute payments i.e. much bigger budgets. Our odds look too short to me - we seem to be a high profile Championship club and it shortens...
  20. Redwurzel

    Heinz resticting supplies to Tesco

    I read Heinz and Tesco and in a dispute over prices. Heinz are increasing prices and Tesco will not pay higher prices. Heinz has now stopping supply. Is this a strike by Heinz? When workers withdraw their labour its called a strike, and the focus tends to be on the striking workers and their...