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  1. Paintolerance

    Non stop ecstatic Eston

    There is free music from midday at Eston Arts Centre today Territorial Gobbing & Garbage Pail Kids...Leeds The Miillion...Barnsley If you bring a food bank donation, you get free tapes in exchange Then it's off to Redcar for a lemon top
  2. Paintolerance

    41% of children in Redcar now in poverty

    It's 38% across the North East Let those numbers sink in. Thank God the Red Wall collapsed eh? What had Labour ever done for us? They took us for granted, but now, thankfully, we have the levelling up agenda.
  3. Paintolerance

    Tories battered

    Over a 10% swing to Lab in Wakefield, and an astonishing result in Tiverton Bang bang Johnson
  4. Paintolerance

    Wilder...with hindsight

    What we can assume were his 2 choice of strike reinforcements have not improved us 1 jot, possibly weakened us? His decision to not replace Lumley (seems a good bloke, bang average champo keeper) has undoubtedly cost us points. Not bringing Spence back, even under duress, could be consider an...
  5. Paintolerance

    The power of football

    After a life of supporting Boro (season ticket holder, travelled the country, travelled Europe, cried as a kid when Wolves beat us in the fa cup 6th round, cried as a young man when we were promoted at Stamford Bridge etc) I must admit I'm very much lapsed these days, visiting with my lad...
  6. Paintolerance

    de Kock refuses to take the knee

    And pulls out of the SA game vs WI. Now, I thought our governments stance of the English football teams actions was a disgrace, but surely this should be de Kocks personal choice?
  7. Paintolerance


    Does anyone honestly think, if he had stayed, we had gone down, and Gibson had funded him to to the tune he did Monk, we wouldn't have been promoted?
  8. Paintolerance

    Ingest Bleach

    It's now officially a Death Cult