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  1. theredrooster

    Michael Thomas

    My memory of him is hazy, but I thought he was decent and did Ok for us, nowt spectacular, but not terrible. If my mind isn't playing tricks on me I also remember him dragging a ginormous @rse around behind him that would rival Rickett's posterior. I remember thinking on his debut 'those...
  2. theredrooster

    Jorgen Strand Larsen

    This amused me, confusing a 6ft 4inch beast as the son of well known midget Henrick Larsson. 🤣 Someone is going to be along in a minute to tell me Henrick Larsson is actually 6ft! (Like Shay Given who seems small but is actually over 6ft).
  3. theredrooster

    Random foreign striker generator

    A double swoop for the perfect strikeforce that matches Wilders wish list for new players that he oulined at the end of last season. Due to be signed up from Wilders hometown club Stocksbridge Steelers FC Matt Itchewdova & Bill Iteh
  4. theredrooster

    Buy Gyokeres for any price?

    Possibly the most persuasive argument I've seen yet, get on the blower to Gibson!
  5. theredrooster

    The stewards lining up in front of the west stand at full-time on Saturday...

    I sit West Lower near the dugout too. You're not the gobsh*te whose always shouting "siddown" to the opposition manager for 90 minutes are you? Or are you too busy with your colouring book? 😉
  6. theredrooster

    Steel River - it’s not working

    No but the P.A seemed to be absolutely blasting out yesterday, the loudest I've ever heard it. Only seemed to reduce at half time when one of the sky bods seemed to have a word as it was blasting over their half time pitch side prattle. On another note, great to see the kids penalties back...
  7. theredrooster

    Wilder on Transfers

    I hadn't heard that, but I'd definitely agree he's got the attributes to play that role too.
  8. theredrooster

    Wilder on Transfers

    Dijksteel is essential in our back line as he's the only defender with pace to get us out of trouble. He's also fairly classy on the ball bringing it out of defense. Overall I'd have him nailed on for the RCB position over McNair for me. In fact fitting McNair in the team at the moment looks a...
  9. theredrooster

    Who are the players ‘over the line’

    To be fair I haven't seen anyone just blindly having a pop at McGree, I've just seen a number of people debating his performance and pointing out some aspects of his game that need to improve. I don't think anyone thinks he's useless, just that perhaps the number 8 role in a Wilder...
  10. theredrooster

    Who are the players ‘over the line’

    Did anyone spot Hoppe in the crowd given people were tracking that private jet from Mallorca to Teesside Airport on Friday night? If he was on that jet then surely he'll have been at the game?
  11. theredrooster

    Ryan Giles

    Giles does look like an assist machine. He played well today but I was disappointed we didn't look to get the ball to him a bit more. Every time he had it in the attacking third he looked threatening and you felt that something might happen but we didn't get him enough of the ball for me. Mind...
  12. theredrooster

    McGree Tav's Replacement?

    The awful shot when he had far better options really annoyed me too. Coburn seemed to have got goal side of his marker and it was crying out for a low whipped cross across the six yard box. I thought in general he slowed our play down, he just didn't seem to move the ball quickly enough. I...
  13. theredrooster

    How Happy would you be if our transfer business....

    I think judging our transfer business at this point is a bit premature and we can only do it after the window shuts as a lot can happen between now and then. Also as @Chutney has said it depends on which deals are permanent and which are loans. However, in theory if we brought in all the...
  14. theredrooster

    CW spoke at the Q&A evening

    Boro have taken steps to improve their off field structures and become a more professional set up, and let's be honest bringing in Kieran Scott as Director of Football was a key part of that strategy. The new transfer strategy is all about identifying younger up and coming players who you can...
  15. theredrooster

    Coaches Corner or Coach's Corner

    English teacher perchance? 😉
  16. theredrooster

    Best Forss headline of the season competition

    Yes, but afterwards he'd probably accuse you of being a 'fish and chips fan-boy' or getting overly enthusiastic about the sticky toffee pudding.
  17. theredrooster

    Best Forss headline of the season competition

    A slap up meal for two with @Glover_elbow 🤣
  18. theredrooster

    Forss medical ongoing now

    I get what you're saying and can totally understand the cynicism, but the other way of looking at it is we've been so ***** at picking up a decent striker recently the law of averages dictates we're surely overdue to find one. Alves I think you mean by the way.
  19. theredrooster

    Forss medical ongoing now

    As an aside regarding the threads title, this has to be the longest medical ever, is it finished yet? In Robbo's days it was 'can you touch your toes son?'
  20. theredrooster

    Forss medical ongoing now

    There's being glass half empty, and then there's having a leak in your glass and the contents have dribbled away down your leg.... Look, every signing is a gamble and some signings will flourish in certain environments or tactical set ups that might struggle elsewhere. Hopefully the club have...