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  1. Squarewheelbike

    Overdene babies roll call

    Elder brother and younger sister, I popped out in Guisborough. For various reasons, I've had a lot of calls to banks and other institutions to deal with and of course the "where were you born" one always leaves a pause where they try to figure it out!
  2. Squarewheelbike

    House re-wire

    Done a couple of theatres, but guessing you won't need 100+ 2K dimming ways?
  3. Squarewheelbike

    Who started "Proms" in the UK?

    School was Redcar beach with tinnies. Mary's 6th Form was at Gaskins IIRC, that was a fancy dress. It was 1981, I went as an IRA terrorist, all black, beret and sunglasses and my best mate as Bobby Sands in his pants and a blanket!
  4. Squarewheelbike

    One of the best ever glam rock songs

    Loved a lot of the stuff back then, Slade and Wizzard in particular along with Bolan. Today I still give them a listen, Bolan's "Dandy In The Underworld" and Slade's "Far Far Away" and "How Does It Feel?" right up there! In 2002 I was at the opening night of "We Will Rock You" at the Dominion...
  5. Squarewheelbike

    One of the best ever glam rock songs

    I'd go Bolan too, proud to say the first single I ever bought aged 8 was Jeepster, with record tokens I'd got for Xmas 1971. My elder brothers took me into Woolies in Redcar to buy it! Erm, and Ernie The Fastest Milkman In The West too!
  6. Squarewheelbike

    Teesside - Interesting / Fun Facts

    Of course you can't mention Cloughie without Don Revie!
  7. Squarewheelbike

    RIP Lester Piggott

    Never been to the races, but then again never really interested. Been to the dogs though, Galveston Island, Texas, as you do! Won quite a chunk of money too, but never been again. To the dogs or Texas!
  8. Squarewheelbike

    Brian Clough or Jack Charlton?

    When I work the Cruise Ship's I used to get all the "Guest Speaker" gigs because, "you know who they are"! I got to do Big Jack a good few times, the man was an absolute Gentleman and a pleasure to work with. Most guest speakers do two shows, as did Jack, his League and England days and ROI...
  9. Squarewheelbike

    First confirmed Middlesbrough pre-season friendlies

    When I lived in Preston in the 90's, if me and my Missus got a rare night off together we (she) uesd to drive up to Morecambe, get a drink at the Midland Hotel and watch the sun go down over Morecambe bay. Very agreeable!
  10. Squarewheelbike

    Are the Killers the biggest band to play in Middlesbrough?

    The last time they played, along with selling T-shirts they were using stencils to spray paint their logo on the back of biker jackets. I went to Futurama 2 in Leeds in early September 1980, and about 70% of the males attending were in biker jackets with the A&TA's logo on the back. Within weeks...
  11. Squarewheelbike

    Are the Killers the biggest band to play in Middlesbrough?

    Well in my lifetime, surely it's got to be The Fall at the Rock Garden, no?
  12. Squarewheelbike

    New kit

    Odd when you think back, that the white band and a collared shirt were the only real changes from the 60's to the 70's. Now, it's every season. Must admit, I really liked the Green away kit last, but probably not see it again for a while.
  13. Squarewheelbike

    Burnley v Skunks. Bees v Leeds Premiership Relegation Thread

    Now Dyche has gone from Burnley I hope they stay up. It would've been interesting to see what would've happened to Everton if they had gone down, that said when they get their books looked at they may be the next Derby!
  14. Squarewheelbike

    Great lyrics of our time

    "I am angry, I am ill, and I'm as ugly as sin"!
  15. Squarewheelbike

    Sun`lun v Wycombe Wanderers League 1 play-off Final Thread.

    Started with the ZDS Cup, there was a big meet up there on the Saturday night and they just carried on all night. The last play off i was working at the Garrick and sometimes went in the Spoons just off the Square for a post show pint, so the Saturday before the play off I warned their Gov'nor...
  16. Squarewheelbike

    Flares at the football

    I refer you to my earlier post!
  17. Squarewheelbike

    Flares at the football

    Not saying they were, but it's definitely a more common occurrence these days, and if they're not bothered bringing a bit of the old Gianluca in, they ain't going to baulk at flares!
  18. Squarewheelbike

    8 new cities for Jubilee, not for Boro though.

    Since the reformation City status was given for places with a Church of England Cathedral, nothing to do with size. This is why for two years I lived in the City of Ely, about half the size of the "fishing village" of Marske that I grew up in. What they've been doing lately is looking at...
  19. Squarewheelbike

    Flares at the football

    Remembering some lads got done at Burton a few years back for using what turned out to be SOLAS flares, the type I was trained to use on ships as part of my advanced fire fighting/lifeboats duties. So they were designed to be used by select crew only, whilst in a lifeboat in the middle of the...
  20. Squarewheelbike

    This day 1994 - The start of something big

    Yeah, Gazza thing for me too. Especially surprised me after the Merson masterstroke.