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  1. Littlejimmy

    Top Gun: Maverick

    Went to see it tonight and it was F***ing brilliant. Great action, music and ridiculous testosterone-loaded cheese. Everything it needed to be.
  2. Littlejimmy

    Sunderland fan flying via Spain for Play-off Final It's cheaper to fly to Spain, stay the night and then fly to Stansted than getting a train or a flight from Newcastle to London. Kind of shows how ridiculous our train prices are, but on the...
  3. Littlejimmy

    Merson on BBC2 now

    Doing one of them walking documentaries in North Yorkshire. Quite interesting and he talks about his time with Boro, living with Gazza in Hutton Rudby and all that stuff. He said he had to leave because of his addictions and had to get home, which is funny as he went to Villa, IIRC! He said 2...
  4. Littlejimmy

    Dom Joly show at M'bro Town Hall cancelled!

    I had tickets for his Holiday Snaps gig on 29th May and just got an e-mail saying it was cancelled due to "unforeseen circumstances". A little annoying. I had tickets to see the same show in Colchester last year but missed it because of my heart issue. Hope it's not something affecting Dom himself.
  5. Littlejimmy

    Let them have their Super League.

    Watching the way Man City are taking Southampton to the cleaners and thinking of how Chelsea beat us without breaking into a sweat, and when you think of the gulf between the top 3 or 4 clubs...6 at a stretch...and the rest, you wonder what the point is. The same clubs win the cups 90% of the...
  6. Littlejimmy

    Liverpool 5-0 up at OT.

    Oh dear, Ole. Wonder if they'll try Steve Bruce?
  7. Littlejimmy

    So it wasnt the lurgy...

    I felt crap on Sunday, thought it was just the lurgy. Heart had been going fast, but settled down. Monday I rang work and they said to get a PCR test. I was all set to go but then my heart rate rocketed and I felt awful with chest pains and breathlessness. Rang ambulance and am now in hospital...
  8. Littlejimmy

    Don't worry about fuel, medicine and food shortages...

    We're going to do some rockety space ****! 🤦‍♂️
  9. Littlejimmy

    Has anyone given up the demon drink?

    Sorry for bringing up such a subject but... If so, how was it? Did you feel like a social leper or not? Did people give you looks and ask awkward questions? What do you drink instead when at a social event? I'm starting to think I am going to have to do it and go tee-total. I've reduced it...
  10. Littlejimmy

    Low carb snacks on the go

    Following on from the thread about Intermittent Fasting and Keto, I've decided to give it a go (not wanting a debate on it; I've decided) but am wanting to know what kind of snacks are good for this protocol? I'm talking about snacks you can keep in the drawer/fridge at work to graze on in the...